Maddy Prior and June Tabor

English duo singing traditional songs.

(Maddy Prior has also recorded with Steeleye Span, Shirley Collins, Frankie Armstrong, Mike Oldfield, Jethro Tull and Ayuo Takahashi)
(June Tabor has also recorded with Blowzabella, Les Barker and solo)
(Nic Jones has also recorded with Bandoggs and solo)
(Andy Irvine has also recorded with Planxy and Patrick Street)
(Martin Carthy has also recorded with Steeleye Span, Albion, John Kirkpatrick, Brass Monkey, Dave Swarbrick and solo)
(Tony Hall has also recorded solo)
(Andy Irvine has also recorded with Planxy and Patrick Street)
(Johnny Moynihan has recorded with Anne Briggs, Planxty and Sweeney's Men)
(Danny Thompson also recorded with Richard Thompson and John Martyn)


Silly Sisters1976ChrysalisCHR 1101
[Reissue]1977TakomaTAK 7077
[Reissue]1991ChrysalisCCD 1101
[Reissue]1994BGOBGO CD214
No More To The Dance1988 Topic12TS450 
[Reissue][CD]2004 TopicTSCD450

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Silly Sisters 1976

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Album tracks.

Silly Sisters Running time 41 minutes 52 seconds. Recorded 1976. Released on CD in 1994. Maddy Prior (vocals), June Tabor (vocals), Martin Carthy (guitar), Nic Jones (fiddle), Tony Hall (melodeon), Andy Irvine, Johnny Moynihan (bouzouki, whistles), Gabriel Mckeon, Danny Thompson (bass), John Gillaspie (bassoon, sopranino, bombard), Brian Golbey.



1. Doffin' MistressTraditional 2m 11s
2. Burning of Auchindoon [Child Ballad]Traditional 1m 6s
3. Lass of Loch Royal [Child Ballad]Traditional 4m 6s
4. The Seven Joys Of MaryTraditional3m 16s
5. My Husband's Got No Courage In HimTraditional 3m 9s
6. Singing The TravelsTraditional 2m 48s
7. Silver Whistle Traditional 4m 9s
8. The Grey Funnel LineCyril Tawney 3m 3s
9. Geordie [Child Ballad]Traditional 3m 59s
10. The Seven WondersTraditional 4m 32s
11. Four Loom WeaverTraditional 2m 37s
12. The Game Of CardsTraditional 3m 18s
13. Dame DurdenTraditional 3m 0s

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