English group singing traditional songs, medieval songs, novelties and instrumentals.

(Ian Blake has also recorded with Tony Rose)
(Mark Emerson has also recorded with Tony Rose and June Tabor.)


Pyewackett1981 DinglesDIN 312 
The Man In The Moon Drinks Claret1983 Familiar RecordsFAM 43
[Reissue]1995Music and WordsMWCD 4007
7 To Midnight1984 Familiar RecordsFAM 57
This Crazy Paradise1986 Familiar RecordsFAM 59

Album tracks.

The Man In The Moon Drinks Claret Running time: 39 min 09 seconds. Recorded and issued on vinyl in 1983. Reissued on CD in 1994. Ian Blake (vocals, clarinet, bass, bass clarinet, recorder, soprano sax), Rosie Cross (bassoon, vocals, hammer dulcimer, tambourine), Mark Emerson (violin, vocals, whistling, viola), Bill Martin (synthesiser, vocals, piano, prepared piano, accordion), Micky Baker (drums).



1. Amoroso (instr)unknown
2. Hey We To The Other World GoWilliam Lawes
3. Bedlam City 
4. Grays Inn Masque (instr)Trad (Playford)
5. Tam Lin [Child Ballad 39]Traditional
6. The Merry-go-round Broke DownRoy Fox
7. Ce Mois de MaiClement Janequin
8. The B de B/Boborygmi/The Bear Dance (instr)Traditional
9. The Well Below The Valley [Child Ballad 20]Traditional
10. The Grey CockTraditional
11. Dan And The Wombat (instr)Traditional

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