Record Label: Folktrax

Selected recordings.

Anthology - various artists.

As I Roved Out - Songs of Courtship 1975 Harry Cox, Seamus Ennis etcFTX 013
A Blacksmith Courted Me - songs of False Love and True  VariousFTX 015
Bald-Headed End of the Broom - Songs of Uneasy Wedlock  VariousFTX 019
A-Beggin' I Will Go  VariousFTX 021
Ratcliffe Highway  Stan Hugill and CoFTX 035
Foggy Dew - Suffolk and Essex Singers  VariousFTX 040
Stormy Weather Boys  Bob RobertsFTX 047
Harps and Hornpipes  Nansi Richards and Gypsy Woods FTX 053
The Bramble Briar - The Ballads of Britain  A.L. LloydFTX 056
Bloody Waterloo  VariousFTX-517
Butter'd Please: Yorkshire Country Dances 1979Various 
She Moves Through the Fair  Margaret BarryFTX 070
Jug of Punch 1961McPeake Family FTX 071
Doffin Mistress  Hugh QuinnFTX 072
Fiddler and the Fairy  John and Michael DohertyFTX 073
The Peddlar's Pack  John DohertyFTX/ FSA 60 074
John Hardy  Frank Profitt - vol 2 FTRAX 932
I'm Going Back to N. Carolina  Frank Profitt - vol 3 FTRAX 933

DVDs - documentary (some are black and white).

Titleyear. recordedLabel. number
Devonshire Songs and Dance Steps?1971 FolktraxFF 1101
Rival Gangs and Gullivers? 1954/1983/2004Folktrax FF 1102
Oss Oss Wee Oss ?1953 FolktraxFF 1103
Walk In St George? 1953FolktraxFF 1104
Health to the Barley Mow? 1955Folktrax FF 1105
Quarrymen's Work Songs?1953 FolktraxFF 1106
One Potato Two Potato? 1957Folktrax FF 1107
Step In, Wild Horse ?1956 FolktraxFF 1108
The Horn Dancers of Abbots Bromley? 1983Folktrax FF 1109
The Helston Furry and Hal-an-Tow?1983 FolktraxFF 1110
The Garland King of Castleton? 1983Folktrax FF 1111
A Festival of Fire ?1983 FolktraxFF 1112
Gloucester's Barton Fayre? 2004Folktrax FF 1113
The Singing Street ?1951 FolktraxFF 1114
Children of the Moor? 1975Folktrax FF 1115
Sailor's Hornpipe ?1930 FolktraxFF 1116
Traditions of Weston-Super-Mare? 1983Folktrax FF 1117
Derbyshire Well Dressing?1988 FolktraxFF 1118
The Celebrated Paper Boys? 2004Folktrax FF 1119
The Irish Fiddler ?1964 FolktraxFF 1120
Hard Times of Old England? 1983Folktrax FF 1121
The Kennedy Interview?1983 FolktraxFF 1122
The McPeake Family? 1989Folktrax FF 1123
What's The Life of A Man?1983 FolktraxFF 1124
Sweet Primeroses? 1973Folktrax FF 1125
The Seeds of Love ?1983 FolktraxFF 1126

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