Jeannie Robertson (1908 - 1975)

Scottish singer singing songs from the gipsy/ traveller's tradition, which she was part of.

(Possibly born in Aberdeen. Jeannie was awarded a MBE in 1968. Carmen Higgins of "Rock Salt and Nails" is related to her.)


Title.year.Label. no
Up the Dee and Doon the Don1958Lismor LIFL 7001
The Great Scots Traditional Ballad Singer1959Topic10T52
[re-issue] OssianOSS CD92
The Queen Among The Heather1975Rounder 1720
Jeannie Robertson: The Queen Among the Heather1998Rounder1161-1720-2


Title. year. Label. number.
They ordered their pints of beer - The Voice of the People vol 13 (+) 1998 Topic TSCD 663

(+ One track only - "The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No" )

Anthologies - Jeannie Robertson, John Strachan, John Burgess, Flora McNeill et al.

Heather and Glen2008 GlenACRCD309

Anthology - Lucy Stewart, Jeannie Robertson, Elizabeth Cronin, Frank Quinn, Colm McDonagh, Paddy Tunney, Angela Brasil, John Stickle, Cyril Poacher et al.

The Folk Songs of Britain Vol 4. The Child Ballads 1 (USA)?Caedmon TC 1145
[Reissue] (UK) 1961Topic12T160
[Reissued as "Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland, Vol1"] 2000Rounder CD 1775

Anthology - Angela Brazil, Phoebe Smith, Jeannie Robertson, Margaret Barry, Davie Stewart et al.

Songs of the Travelling People1994 SaydiscSDL 407

Album tracks.

Jeannie Robertson: The Queen Among the Heather. The Alan Lomax Collection.  All tracks recorded during November 1953 in London. Issued 1998. Running time 66 mins 25 secs. Solo vocal on all tracks. The liner notes consist of a 36-page booklet containing all the words of the songs, biographical notes and some photographs.


1. The Reel of Tullochgorum [+]Trad
2. When My Apron Hung Low [+]Trad
3. She'd a Lot of Old Songs [+]Spoken word
4. Son David [Child Ballad 13]Trad 
5. It's A True Song [+]Spoken word 
6. The Battle of Harlow [+] [Child Ballad 163]Trad 
7. Wi' My Rovin' Eye [Child Ballad 29]Trad 
8. Never Wed an Old ManTrad 
9. The Moon Shined on my Bed Last Night [+]Trad 
10. The Laird of the Dentidoonbye [+]Trad 
11. The Handsome Cabin Boy [+]Trad 
12. I Doubt She Could Have Been A Good Girl! [+]Spoken word 
13. She Was a Rum OneTrad 
14. Lord Lovatt [+] [Child Ballad 75]Trad 
15. Introduction to Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie [+]Spoken word 
16. Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie [+] [Child Ballad 233]Trad
17. Commentary on Bonnie Annie [+]Spoken word
18. The Queen Among the Heather [+]Trad
(+ previously unissued)
(Alan Lomax can be heard on tracks 15 and 17)


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