Song collections: Drinking songs

Songs related to drinking.

Various artists.

The Voice of the People - vol 13 - They Ordered Their Pints of Beer & Bottles of Sherry1986 TopicTSCD 663
The Tale of Ale (2 LPs)1976 Free ReedFRRD 023/024
[Reissue]1993 Free ReedFRCD23

A. L. Lloyd.

English Drinking Songs1959 Riverside Records (USA) 

Magpie Lane.

A Tale of Ale2001  

Collaboration - John Kirkpatrick, Rosie Cross, Georgina Le Faux, Michael Gregory, Jane Threlfall and Carl Hogsden.

Wassail: A Traditional Celebration of an English Midwinter1998Fellside FECD 125 

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

Title.year.Label. No
Come Fill Your Glass With Us - Irish Songs of
Drinking and Blackguarding
1959Tradition Records  
28 Irish Pub Songs1996Madecy  

Compilation - The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners.

Irish Drinking Songs1993Columbia 

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