Song collections: Shanties

Sailors' working songs.

Johnny Collins.

Shanties and songs of the Seas1999 Grasmere Productions290262 

Various artists - A.L. Lloyd, Alf Edwards, Dave Swarbrick, Martin Carthy, Trevor Lucas, Martyn Wyndham-Read.

Title. year. Label. no
Leviathan! Ballads and Songs of the Whaling Trade 1967 Topic 12T174
[Reissue]1999 Topic 

Collaboration - Ian Giles, John Spiers, Jon Boden and Graham Metcalfe.

Sea Shanties2002 The Gift of Music 

Collaboration - A.L. Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Harry H Corbett with chorus (sea songs).

A Hundred Years Ago (EP)1956 [re-issued 1963]Topic [TOP99]
The Coast of Peru (EP)1956 [re-issued 1963]Topic[TOP100]
The Singing Sailor1956 TopicTRL 3
Row Bullies Row 1957Topic 8T7
[Reissued as "Chants des Marins Anglais No 1"] 1957Le Chant du Monde LDY 4155
The Blackball Line 1957Topic 8T8
[Reissued as "Chants des Marins Anglais No 2"] 1957Le Chant du Monde LDY 4157
Singing Sailors (*) 1957Wattle C5
Shanties and Fo'c'sle Songs (*) 1957Wattle C6
Haul on the Bowlin' and Other Chanteys and Fo'c'sle Songs Volume I (*) 1962Stinson SLP80
Off to Sea Once More and Other Fo'c'sle Songs and Shanties Volume II (*) 1963Stinson SLP81
(* These are recordings drawn from earlier albums)

Collaborations - Ewan McColl and Bert Lloyd.

A Sailor's Garland1962Prestige InternationalINT-13043
[reissue]1966TransatlanticXTRA 5013
Blow Boys Blow1960Tradition RecordsTLP1026
[Reissue]1967TransatlanticXTRA 1952
[Reissue]1996 Rykodisk/ Tradition RecordsTCD 1024
Blow Boys Blow: The Tradition Years 2006Empire Musikwerks 545 450 849-2

Anthology - Various artists including Ewan MacColl, Roy Harris, Louis Killen, Peter Bellamy and A.L. Lloyd.

Round Cape Horn1998 TopicTSCD 499

Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Ian Manuel, Martyn Wyndhham-Read and Bernard Wrigley.

Sea Shanties 1974Topic 12TS234

Album tracks.

Sea Shanties Recorded 2002. Running time 65 minutes. Ian Giles (vocals and English concertina), John Spiers (voice and accordion), Jon Bowden (vocals, guitar and fiddle), Graham Metcalfe (voice). 



1. Haul away the bowlineTrad
2. Clear away the trackTrad
3. Portsmouth/ Bonny Kate (instr)Trad/Trad
4. Bully in the alleyTrad
5. All for me grogTrad
6. Ten thousand miles awayTrad
7. The 24th of FebruaryTrad
8. The weary whaling groundTrad
9. Ashley's hornpipe/ Ashley's flag (instr)Trad/Trad
10. Nancy of YarmouthTrad
11. Paddy Doyle's bootsTrad
12. The bonny ship the DiamondTrad
13. The candlelight fishermanTrad
14. The gallant frigate AmphitriteTrad
15. Go to sea no moreTrad
16. The Whitby ladTrad
17. A sailor's lifeTrad

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