Jimmy Shand (1908 - 2000)

Scottish accordion player, playing his own tunes and some traditional dance tunes.

(Hohner's "Shand Morino" is built to Jimmy's own specification.)


Title.year.Label. number
The King of the Button Box    
The King of the Button Box Vol 2    
A Nicht at the Jiggin'  ThaneMMCD0104
Vintage Classics Vol 1    
Waltzing Through The Years 2001 ThaneMMCD0101
At the End of a Perfect Day1987 Ross RecordsCWGRTV3
The Auchtermuchty Ceilidh1982 Ross RecordsCWGR042
Fifty Years On1983 Ross RecordsCWGR072
20 Golden Tracks1996 Ross 
Over the Hills and Far Away2002 Pegasus/ Eagle RockPGN CD 863
Accordion Favourites2007 Music Digital 


The Very Best of Jimmy Shand and His Band 1984   
King of the Melodeon Men 1994   
The Legendary Jimmy Shand 1997 EMI GoldTCSL8284
The Golden Years1999 MoidartMOCD017-B
At His Best2009 Music Digital 

Best album(*).

The Golden Years1999

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title.year.Label. No.
The Bluebell Polka1955    
Mason's Apron (EP) 1957Odeon 7 SOE 3138
Jock O'Hazeldean (EP) 1960Odeon 7 SOE 3624
Gaelic Waltz Selection/ Badenoch Polka 1963  
Dundee City Police Pipe Band/ Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyle Gathering 1965  

Popular downloads.

The Bluebell Polka
Gay Gordons
The Valeta
Royal Scots Polka
The Swilcan


Dancing With The Shands1996  

Hit single.

Title.year.Highest position.
Bluebell Polka1955 20

Hit album.

Title.year.Highest position.
50 Years On1983 97

Over the hills and Far Away. Archival recordings, possibly from c 1955 - 1995. Running time 70 minutes 56 sec. Band members unknown but Jimmy Shand snr played melodeon, as did Jimmy Shand jnr. There is the sound of a snare drum and a fiddle. Some tracks have a piano.



1. Medley: High Schotische  
1a. London's Bonnie Woods Trad
1b. The Braes of Mar Trad
1c.The Keel Row Trad
1d. Castles in the Air Trad
2. Medley: Dundee Reel  
2a. Bonnie Dundee Trad
2b. The Rock and Wee Pickle Tow Trad
2c. Atholl Gathering [Athole Highlanders] Trad
3. Medley: Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming (reels)  
3a. Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming Trad
3b. Babes in the Wood Trad
3c. Over the Hills and Far Away Trad
4. Snow In Winter (waltz) Hannah
5. Medley: the Gay Gordons (reels)  
5a. Cock o' The North Trad
5b. Major John McLennan Trad
6. Medley: Eightsome Reel   
6a. Miss MacLeod Trad
6b. The Fairy Dance Trad
6c. De'il among the Tailors Trad
6d. Soldier's Joy Trad
6e. Speed the Plough Trad
6f. The Wind That Shakes the Barley Trad
7. Eileen Alannah (waltz) Thomas
8. Miss Betty Fitchet's Wedding (polka) Jimmy Shand snr
9. Lassie (waltz) Ogilvie/ Shand/ Fisher/ Hannah
10. The Veleta (waltz) Morris
11. The Bluebell Polka Stanley
12. The Agnes Waltz Hannah
13. Medley: Scottish Country Dances in strict tempo #1(jigs)   
13a. Hamilton House Trad
13b. Sally Hunter Gow
13c. Old Rosin the Beau Trad
14. Medley: Scottish Country Dances in strict tempo #2 (waltzes)  
14a. Within a Mile of Edinburgh Hook/ arr Collier
14b. Scotland Yet MacLeod
14c. Sound the Pibroch Trad
14d. There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Trad
15 Medley: The Flowers of Edinburgh (reels)  
15a. The Flowers of Edinburgh Trad
15b. Waverley Steps Trad
16. Somebody (strathspey) Trad
17. Comin' Through The Rye (waltzes)  
17a. Comin' through the rye Trad
17b. Logie O' Buchan Trad
17c. Evenie Water Trad
17d. My Heart is Sair for Somebody Trad
18. Medley: Set of Reels  
18a. The Drummer Trad
18b. Loch Level Castle Trad
18c. Glenlivet Skinner
19. Medley: Victory Waltz  
19a. Nelly Kelly Trad
19b. Daisy Bell Trad
19c. I Belong to Glasgow Will Fyfe
19d. We Parted on the Shore  Harry Lauder
19d. When Irish Eyes are Smiling Ball/ Olcott/ Graff
20. Royal Scots Polka Denholm
21. Medley: Monymusk (strathspey)  
21a. Monymusk Trad
21b. Stirling Castle Trad
21c. Crowhilloch Duff
22. La Rinka (waltz) Thurley Beale/ Cedric King Palmer

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