Scottish instrumental duo, playing wire-strung harps.

(Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster have recorded with Silly Sisters - Prior and Tabor)
(Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster have recorded with Kate Rusby as the Poozies. She has also recorded with Phamie Gow)


Title.year.Label. Number
Delighted with Harps1986 Green Linnet GLCD 3039
[Reissue] 1998Lapwing LAPCD113
Beating Harps1987   
[Reissue]1999 Green Linnet GLCD 1089
Harpbreakers1990Lapwing LAPCD127
[Reissue]1998 Lapwing  
Play on Light1996 Greentrax CDTRAX118
[Reissue] 1996 Green Linnet GLCD 3126

Collaboration - "McMaster/Hay" - Mary McMaster and Donald Hay.

Title. year. Label. No.
Love and Reason2009 McMaster/ Hay 

Best albums(*).

Play on Light 1996

(*)Based on critical opinion.

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