John Spiers (b 1975) and Jon Boden (b 1977)

English duo playing fiddle and melodeon. Mainly English traditional tunes and songs.

(John Spiers and Jon Boden have recorded with Bellowhead and Eliza Carthy.)
(Jon Boden has recorded with Broderick and solo.)(John born in Birmingham, Jon born in Chicago)

Spiers and Boden.

Through and Through2001Fellside FECD161
Bellow2003Fellside FECD175
Vagabond (1 CD)2008 Navigator Navigator12
Vagabond (1 vinyl disc + 1 CD)2008 Navigator 

Collaboration - Ian Giles, John Spiers, Jon Boden and Graham Metcalfe.

Sea Shanties2002 The Gift of Music 

Collaboration - Ian Giles, John Spiers, Jon Boden and Giles Lewin.

An English Folk Christmas2006 The Gift of Music 
Celtic Christmas (*)2008 The Gift of Music 

(* Credited to "Singscape" = Giles, Spiers, Boden and Lewin)

Collaboration - Jon Boden, Joey Oliver, John Spiers and Ian Giles.

Olde Irish Jigs and Reels2007 The Gift of Music  

Broderick (includes Jon Boden).

Cortanze Castle2003 Offspring Records 

Best albums(*).

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(*) Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Bold Sir Rylas
Old Maui
Innocent When You Dream
Horn Fair
Cruel Knife

Anthologies (with John Spiers).

Five Years of Folk Music at the Fir Tree1999The Rag Room RRCD004
The Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales1999Past Times 

Anthologies (with John Spiers and Jon Boden).

Celtic Airs and Ballads2003Classical CommunicationsCCL CDG1047

Anthology - Spiers and Boden, Waterson:Carthy, Ralph McTell, June Tabor et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Rubber Folk: a Folk Tribute to the Beatles (*) 2006 Keltia Musique- KMCD63
(* One track only - "Run For Your Life")

Session recording (with John Spiers and Jon Boden).

Great Grandson of Morris On2004Talking Elephant 

Album tracks.

Sea Shanties Recorded 2002. Ian Giles (vocals and English concertina), John Spiers (voice and accordion), Jon Boden (vocals, guitar and fiddle), Graham Metcalfe (voice). 



1. Haul away the bowlineTrad
2. Clear away the trackTrad
3. Portsmouth/ Bonny Kate (instr)Trad/Trad
4. Bully in the alleyTrad
5. All for me grogTrad
6. Ten thousand miles awayTrad
7. The 24th of FebruaryTrad
8. The weary whaling groundTrad
9. Ashley's hornpipe/ Ashley's flag (instr)Trad/Trad
10. Nancy of YarmouthTrad
11. Paddy Doyle's bootsTrad
12. The bonny ship the DiamondTrad
13. The candlelight fishermanTrad
14. The gallant frigate AmphitriteTrad
15. Go to sea no moreTrad
16. The Whitby ladTrad
17. A sailor's lifeTrad

Songs Recorded 2002. Jon Boden (vocals, fiddle, guitar, duet concertina), John Spiers (vocals, melodeons, Anglo concertina). Produced by Jon Boden, John Spiers and Ben Ivitsky. Running time: 47 mins 26 secs. 



1. Bold Sir Rylas (Child 18)Trad
2. Old MauiTrad
3. Horn FairTrad
4. Child Morris (Child 83)Trad
5. Innocent When You DreamTom Waits
6. Cruel KnifeTrad
7. Derry GaolTrad
8. On Christmas DayTrad
9. Doleful Dance of DeathTrad/Trad
10. Bill BrownTrad
11. Lucy WanTrad

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