Steeleye Span

English folk-rock band, playing mainly traditional songs. Also some instrumentals.

(The main members are/have been Maddy Prior (vocals), Tim Hart (vocals, guitar, dulcimer), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Peter Knight (violin, mandolin), Robert Johnson (vocals, guitar), Rick Kemp (bass), Nigel Pegrum (drums, flute, oboe) and Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar))
(Maddy Prior has also recorded with June Tabor, as a duo with Tim Hart, with The Carnival Band, Mike Oldfield, Steve Ashley, Frankie Armstrong and solo)
(Tim Hart has recorded solo)
(Peter Knight has recorded with the Wombles, Maddy Prior, Tony Rose, Moire Music and solo)
(Bob Johnson and Peter Knight have recorded as a duo)
(Rick Kemp has recorded with Whapweasel)
(Ashley Hutchings has recorded with Fairport Convention and Albion)
(Martin Carthy has recorded with Albion, John Kirkpatrick, Brass Monkey, Dave Swarbrick, Maddy Prior and solo)
(Additional Steeleye Span tracks were released on the series of albums called "The Guv'nor" by Ashley Hutchings)
(Terry Woods has recorded with The Pogues and Sweeney's Men)
(Gay and Terry Woods have recorded as The Woods Band)
(Nigel Pegrum has recorded with Uriah Heep, Gnidrolog and June Tabor. He founded the record label Plant Life and was producer of albums by the Tannahill Weavers)
(Ken Nicol has recorded with Ashley Hutchings, Albion and solo)
(Liam Genockey has recorded with Trevor Watts, Moire Music, Gerry Rafferty, John Martyn and Linda Thompson)
(Tim Harries has recorded with 1651, June Tabor, Iona and Katie Melua)
(Gerry Conway has also recorded with Jethro Tull, Chris Leslie, Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Tim Hart)

Original Studio Albums.

Hark The Village Wait1970Mooncrest CREST 22
[reissue] ChrysalisCHR 1120
[reissue]1985?ShanachieSH 79052
[reissue]2006Castle/ SanctuaryCMBCD 1251
Please To See The King1971B & CCAS 1029
[reissue]1971MooncrestCREST 5
[reissue]1993ShanachieSH 79075
[reissue] Big TreeBTS 2004
[reissue]2006Castle/ SanctuaryCMQDD 1253
Ten Man Mop1971PegasusPeg 9
[reissue]1985?ShanachieSH 79049
[reissue]1991MooncrestCREST 009
[reissue] ChrysalisCHR 1121
[reissue with Peel Session] Castle/SanctuaryCMQDD 1252
Below The Salt1972ChrysalisCHR 1008
[reissue] ShannachieSH 79039
[reissue]1997Beat Goes OnBGOCD 324
Parcel of Rogues1973ChrysalisCHR 1046
[reissue]1985?ShanachieSH 79045
[reissue]1996Beat Goes OnBGOCD 323
Now We Are Six1974ChrysalisCHR 1053
[Reissue]1989ShanachieSH 79060
[reissue]1991Beat Goes OnBGOCD 157
Commoners Crown1975ChrysalisCHR 1071
[reissue]1996Beat Goes OnBGOCD 315
All Around My Hat1975 ChrysalisCHR 1091
[reissue]1985Music For Pleasure41-57061
[reissue]1989ShanachieSH 79059
[reissue]1992Beat Goes OnBGOCD 158
[reissue]1994E.M.I.CDP 828785-2
Rocket Cottage 1976ChrysalisCHR 1123
[reissue]1996Beat Goes OnBGOCD 318
Storm Force Ten1977Chrysalis CHR 1151
[reissue]1977Festival RecordsL 36432
[reissue]1996Beat Goes OnBGOCD 337
Sails of Silver1980ChrysalisCHR 1304
Back In Line1986FlutterbyFLUT 2
[reissue with extra tracks](*)1991ParkPRKCD 8
[reissue]1992ShanachieSH 79063
Tempted And Tried1989DoverADD9 
Time1995ParkPRKCD 34
Horkstow Grange1999ParkPRKCD 44
Rarities 1972 - 961999Raven RecordsRVCD 90 
Bedlam Born2000ParkPRKCD 55
They Called Her Babylon2004ParkPRKCD70
Bloody Men (2 CDs)2006ParkPRKCD91
Cogs Wheels and Lovers2009Park 
(*)("Somewhere in London", "Spotted Cow" and "One Misty Moisty Morning")

Multi-volume albums.

Take 2 (*)1982ChrysalisZCDP 110
Dogs and Ferrets (**)1982/3?CRPDL2-1021
Lark in the Morning (2 CDs)(***)2003CastleCMDDD 781
A Parcel of Steeleye Span: their First Five Chrysalis Albums 1972 - 75 (3 CDs)2009 EMI 
Another Parcel of Steeleye Span: Their Second Five Chrysalis Albums 1976 - 89 (3 CDs) (+) 2010 EMI 
(*)("All Around My Hat" and "Rocket Cottage")
(**)("Commoner's Crown" and "All Around My Hat")
(***)("Lark In The Morning" consists of the first 3 albums
- Hark the Village Wait
- Please To See The King
- Ten Man Map
squeezed onto two CDs, plus a bonus track "General Taylor")
(+)("Another Parcel" consists of the 5 albums
- Rocket Cottage
- Storm Force Ten
- Live At Last
- Sails of Silver
- Tempted and Tried
squeezed onto three CDs, plus bonus tracks "The Boar's Head Carol" and "Rag Doll")


Individually and Collectively1972CharismaCS 5
Time Span1977MooncrestCRD 1
Original Masters (2 albums)1977ChrysalisCJT 3
[reissue]1991Beat Goes OnBGOCD 322
Recollections (*)1981ChrysalisL 37753
The Best Of Steeleye Span1984ChrysalisCHR 1467
Steeleye Span (2 albums)1984CambraCR 5154
Portfolio1988ChrysalisCNW 7
[reissue]1989ShanachieSH 79071 
Early Years1989ConnoisseurVSOP 132
The Best of and the Rest of Steeleye Span1990Action ReplayCDAR 1012
The Collection1991CastleCCSCD 292
Spanning The Years1995ChrysalisCDCHR 6093
The King: The Best of Steeleye Span1996MooncrestCRESTCD 022
A Stack of Steeleye Span1996EmporioEMPRCD 668
Hills of Greenmore1998RecallSMDCD 209
First Steps2001Talking ElephantTECD036
(* Rarities. Australia-issue only. Includes edited versions of "Elf Call" and "Montrose",
plus Christmas greeting from the group. Some of these tracks reappeared on "A Rare Collection 1972 - 1996")

Live albums.

Live at Last1978ChrysalisCHR 1199
[reissue]1978Festival Records (Australia only)L 36696
[reissue]1997Beat Goes OnBGOCD 342
On Tour (Live)1983Chrysalis (Australia only)L37968
Tonight's The Night, Live1992ParkPRKCD 010
[reissue]1993ShanachieSH 79080
The Journey (*)1999ParkPRKCD 52
Live In Nottingham2003ChrysalisCRP1051  
Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert (2 CDs)2006ParkPRKCD89 
Live at a Distance (**)2009 ParkPRKCD104
(* Recorded in 1995 but not issued until 1999)
(** Recorded in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008)


Isla St Clair (with Steeleye Span)year.Label.number.
The Song and the Story (*)1981BBC  
(* Produced by Nigel Pegrum)


Classic Rock Legends2002 
Steeleye Span: A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration2003 
The 35th Anniversary World Tour 20042005 

Mixed media.

Bedrock in Concert (*)2002 
(* Contains audio CD "Live In Nottingham" plus DVD "Classic Rock Legends" in a single box)

Best Albums(*).

Below The Salt1972
Please to See The King1971
Hark! The Village Wait1970
Ten Man Mop1971
Parcel of Rogues1973
Tempted and Tried1989
Cogs Wheels and Lovers2009

(*)Based on my opinion.

Anthology - Steeleye Span, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Shirley Collins, Shelagh McDonald, Martin Carthy et al.

Rave On 1974 MooncrestCREST 17

Anthology, Various artists - Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ethnic Shuffle Band, Steeleye Span, Dave Swarbrick, Albion, Shelagh Macdonald, Etchingham Steam Band,  Marc Ellington et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Fairport Convention: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Convention Family Tree 2006 Castle  CMDDD932

Anthology - Steeleye Span, Ian Matthews, Sandy Denny, Shirley Collins, Ian Matthews, Tim Moore et al.

Walking on the Moon1991MooncrestCREST CD001

Anthology - Lonnie Donegan, Ewan MacColl, Ian Campbell, Young Tradition, Shirley and Dolly Collins, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Anne Briggs et al.

Troubadours of British Folk Volume 1 - Unearthing the Tradition 1995Rhino 72160

Anthology - Simon Care, Edward II, Dave Burland, Albion Band, Judy Dunlop, et al.

The Box Set: An Anthology (*)2002Talking ElephantTECD044

(* includes "Blairs" from an unreleased album. performed by members of Steeleye Span and Stefan Hannigan and Simon Care)

Anthology - Waterson:Carthy, Barry Dransfield, A.L. Lloyd, Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Magna Carta, Lindisfarne, Sandy Denny, Oak, Richard Thompson et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Anthology of English Folk (5 CDs) 2006Deja Vu 076119510266  

Anthology - John Lennon, Steeleye Span et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Now! That's What I Call Christmas 20006 VirginVTCD 836 

Anthology - The Corries, Steeleye Span, Donovan, Dubliners, Rachel Unthank, Kingston Trio, Spinners et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Original Folk Album2008 EMIGOLD ?

Anthology - Steeleye Span, Amazing Blondel, Magna Carta, and Fairport Convention.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Harvest of Gold - The English Folk Almanacc (2 CDs) 2003Retro?

Various artists - Shirley Collins, Mr Fox, Anne Briggs, Steeleye Span, Shelagh McDonald, Pentangle, Loudest Whisper et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Early Morning Hush2008 Sanctuary 

Various artists - Bob Dylan, Donovan, The Byrds, the Mamas and The Papas, Tim Rose, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Four Decades Of Folk-Rock2007 TIME-LIFEM19215 

Anthology - Steeleye Span et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Children of the Revolution1991 ?  
Step Into The Park2004 ParkPRK CD68
Best of British Folk Rock2005Castle 
A Stroll through The Park   
Lots of Jolly Good Folk2004LexiconLEX602CD


Rave On/ Reels/ Female Drummer1971B & C 
Jigs and Reels1972Peg 
John Barleycorn/ Bride's Favourite/Tansey's Fancy1972Chrysalis 
Gaudete / The Holly and The Ivy (*)1973ChrysalisCHS 2007
Thomas the Rhymer/ The Mooncoin Jig1974ChrysalisCHS 2026
New York Girls/ Two Magicians1975ChrysalisCHS 2061
All Around My Hat/ Black Jack Davy1975ChrysalisCHS 2078
Rave On/ False Knight On The Road1976Mooncrest 
Hard Times of England/ Cadgwith Anthem1976ChrysalisCHS 2085
London/ Sligo Maid1976ChrysalisCHS 2107
Fighting For Strangers/ The Mooncoin Jig1976ChrysalisCHS 2125
The Boar's Head Carol/ Gaudete / Some Rival1977ChrysalisCHS 2192
Rag Doll/ Saucy Sailor1978Chrysalis 
Sails of Silver/ Senior Service1980ChrysalisCHS 2479
Gone To America/ Let Her Go Down1981ChrysalisCHS 2503
All Around My Hat (E.P.) (**)1982ChrysalisCHS 2658
Somewhere In London/ Lanercost1985FlutterbyFLUT 1
Padstow / First House in Connaught/ Sailor's Bonnet1989FlutterbyFLUT 3
Following Me/ Two Butchers1989Flutterby/ DoverFLUT 4
The Fox/ Jack Hall1990DoverROJ 8
Lord Elgin/ Lord Elgin (live)2007ParkPRK CDS91

(*) Released in December 1973 and again in December 1974.
(**) The EP consists of "All Around My Hat", "Fighting For Strangers", "Gaudete", "The Boar's Head Carol")

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Gaudete / The Holly and The Ivy (*)197314
All Around My Hat/ Black Jack Davy19755

(*) Released in December 1973 and again in December 1974.

Hit albums.

Title.year.highest position.
Please To See The King197145
Below The Salt197243
Parcel of Rogues197326
Now We Are Six197413
Commoners Crown197521
All Around My Hat1975 7
Rocket Cottage 197641

Popular downloads.

All Around My Hat
The Blacksmith
Black Jack Davy
Cam Ye O'er Frae France
Alison Gross
Lovely on the Water
Hard Times of England 
Dark-Eyed Sailor
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
Blackleg Miner

Album tracks.

Hark ! The Village Wait Recorded 1970. Running time 38 minutes 55 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals, step-dancing), Tim Hart (vocals, electric guitar, electric dulcimer, fiddle, 5-string banjo, harmonium), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Terry Woods (vocals, electric guitar, concertina, mandola, 5-string banjo, mandolin), Gay Woods (vocals, concertina, autoharp, bodhran, step-dancing). Guests: Gerry Conway (Drums), Dave Mattacks (drums)



1. A Calling-on SongTune:Trad, Words:Hutchings
2. The BlacksmithTrad
3. Fisherman's WifeTrad
4. Blackleg MinerTrad
5. Dark-Eyed SailorTrad
6. Copshawholme FairTrad
7. All Things Are Quite SilentTrad
8. The Hills Of GreenmoreTrad
9. My Johnny Was A ShoemakerTrad
10. Lowlands of HollandTrad
11. Twa CorbiesTrad
12. One Night As I Lay On My BedTrad

Please To See The King Recorded 1971. Running time Maddy Prior (vocals, spoons, tabor, tambourine), Tim Hart (vocals, guitar, dulcimer), Peter Knight (violin, mandolin, vocals, organ, bass), Ashley Hutchings (bass, vocals), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar, banjo, organ). Produced by Sandy Roberton. 



1. The BlacksmithTrad 4m 44s
2. Cold Haily, Windy NightTrad 4m 33s 
3. Jigs: The Bryan O'Lynn/
The Hag With The Money (instr)
Trad 3m 15s
4. Prince Charlie StuartTrad 4m 12s
5. Boys Of BedlamTrad 4m 17s 
6. False Knight On The RoadTrad 2m 41s
7. The Lark In The MorningTrad 4m 28s 
8. Female DrummerTrad 3m 59s
9. The KingTrad 1m 26s 
10. Lovely On The WaterTrad 5m 16s
11. Rave On (*)Holly/  Hardin  

(*) bonus track not on the original release

Please To See The King (2006 Castle re-issue) Recorded 1971. CD1: Running time: 66 mins 50 secs.  CD2: Running time: 52 mins 35 secs. Maddy Prior (vocals, spoons, tabor, tambourine), Tim Hart (vocals, guitar, dulcimer), Peter Knight (violin, mandolin, vocals, organ, bass), Ashley Hutchings (bass, vocals), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar, banjo, organ). Produced by Sandy Roberton.




tracks 1 to 10 as above  
11. The Blacksmith (*)Trad 4m 21s
12. Female Drummer (*)Trad 3m 12s
13. Rave On (*)Holly/ Hardin 1m 20s
14. I Was A Young Man (*)Trad 3m 48s
15. The Lark in the Morning (*)Trad 3m 39s
16. The King (**)Trad 1m 23s
17. Prince Charlie Stuart (**)Trad 4m 8s
18. Bold Poachers (**)Trad 5m 27s

(*) Top Gear radio session 27/06/1970)
(** Stuart Henry Show radio session 23/07/1970)




1. College Grove/ Silver Spear (instr) (*)Trad/ Trad 2m 49s
2. Lay Down Your Weary Tune (*)Bob Dylan 4m 18s
3. False Knight on the Road (*)Trad 3m 19s
4. Hitler's Downfall (Bryan O'Lynn)/
The Hag With The Money (instr) (*)
Trad 1m 55s 
5. Female Drummer (mk 1) (*)Trad 3m 47s
6. Wee Weaver (*)Trad 4m 21s 
7. Reel (instr) (*)Trad 2m 33s
8. Female Drummer (mk 2) (**)Trad 4m 10s 
9. General Taylor (**)Trad 4m 34s
10. Farther Along (**)Rev W.B. Baxter 3m 8s
11. Two Reels [Dowd's Favourite/
10 Float] (**)
Trad/ Trad 2m 29s 
12. Let's Dance (***)Chris Montez (Jim Reed) 1m 42s
13. Bring 'em Down/
A Hundred Years Ago (***)
Trad/ Trad 2m 38s 
14. Lark in the Morning (***)Trad 3m 50s
15. The King (+)Trad 1m 22s 
16. Bryan O'Lynn/
The Hag With The Money (instr) (+)
Trad 2m 11s
17. The Blacksmith (+)Trad 3m 49s 

(*) Folk On One radio session 17/10/1970)
(** Stuart Henry Show radio session 04/02/1971)
(*** Top Gear radio session 27/03/1971)
(+ BBC TV performance (date unknown))

Ten Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again Recorded 1971. Running time 37 min 33 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals, spoons, tabor), Tim Hart (vocals, dulcimer, guitars, organ, 5-string banjo, mandolin), Peter Knight (fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, vocals, timpani), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar, organ). Produced by Sandy Roberton. 



1. Gower WassailTrad 5m 25s
2. Jigs: Paddy Clancey's Jig/
Willie Clancey's Fancy (instr)
Trad 3m 9s
3. Four Nights DrunkTrad 3m 4s
4. When I Was On HorsebackTrad 6m 11a 
5. MarrowbonesTrad 4m 26s
6. Captain CoulsonTrad 5m 4s 
7. Reels: Dowd's Favourite/ 10 Float/
The Morning Dew (instr)
Trad 3m 42s
8. Wee WeaverTrad 2m 39s 
9. SkewballTrad 3m 30s

Ten Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again [reissue with Peel session] All tracks recorded in 1971. Disc 1 - Running time 37 min 33 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals, spoons, tabor), Tim Hart (vocals, dulcimer, guitars, organ, 5-string banjo, mandolin), Peter Knight (fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, vocals, timpani), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar, organ). Produced by Sandy Roberton. 



tracks 1 to 9 as above  
10. General Taylor (studio out-take)Trad 3m 28s
11. Rave On (original single)Holly/ Hardin1m 51s
12. Rave On (short version outtake)Holly/ Hardin1m 22s
13. Rave On (long version outtake)Holly/ Hardin2m 5s

Disc 2 - Running time 56 min 07 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals, spoons, tabor), Tim Hart (vocals, dulcimer, guitars, organ, 5-string banjo, mandolin), Peter Knight (fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, vocals, timapani), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar, organ). The tracks are introduced by John Peel. Track 6 (Handsome Polly-O) is a solo by Martin Carthy. Track 10 is by Tim and Maddy only. Tack 11 is a solo by Peter Knight.



1. False Knight on the Road (live)Trad 4m 13
2. Lark in the Morning (live)Trad 4m 49s
3. Rave On (live)Holly/ Hardin 2m 37s
4. Three Reels (Dowd's Favourite/
The 10 Float/ Musical Priest) (live)
Trad/ Trad/
3m 59s
5. Captain Coulston/ untitled slip-jig (live)Trad/ Peter Knight5m 14s
6. Handsome Polly-O (live)Trad2m 39s
7. Two Sea Shanties (Bring 'em Down/
Haul on the Bowline) (live)
Trad/ Trad2m 52s 
8. Four Nights Drunk (live)Trad3m 4s
9. When I Was On Horseback (live)Trad6m 8s 
10. I Live Not Where I Love (live)Trad4m 39s
11. Three Reels (The Wind That Shakes
The Barley/ Pigeon on the Gate/
Jenny's Chickens) (live)
Trad/ Trad/
3m 40s 
12. The Female Drummer (live)Trad4m 18s
13. General Taylor (live)Trad4m 3s
14. Four Reels (College Grove/ Silver Spear/
Ballymurphy Rake/
Maid Behind the Bar) (live)
Trad/ Trad/
Trad/ Trad
3m 41s 

The Lark In the Morning CD issued 2003. Consists of all the tracks on "Hark" The Village Wait", "Please to See the King", and "Ten Man Mop" shown above, plus an extra track "General Taylor", sung a capella. "General Taylor" first appeared on the compilation album "Individually and Collectively" (1972). It must have been recorded before November 1971, when Martin Carthy left the band.

Below The Salt Recorded 1972. Maddy Prior (vocals, morrisette, tambourine), Tim Hart (vocals, guitar, tabor, dulcimer, spoons), Peter Knight (violin, mandolin, tenor banjo, viola, vocals, piano), Rick Kemp (bass, vocals), Robert Johnson (vocals, guitar). Produced by Steeleye Span and Jerry Boys



1. Spotted CowTrad
2. Rosebud In JuneTrad
3. Jigs: The Bride's Favourite/ Tansey's Fancy (Instrumental)Trad
4. Sheep-crook and BlackdogTrad
5. Royal ForesterTrad
6. King HenryTrad
7. GaudeteUnknown
8. John BarleycornTrad
9. Saucy SailorTrad

Parcel of Rogues Recorded 1973. Running Time: 39 minutes 14 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals), Tim Hart (guitar, dulcimer, vocals), Bob Johnson (guitar, vocals), Rick Kemp (bass, drums, vocal), Peter Knight (violin, viola, mandolin, piano, recorders, harmonium, vocals). Produced by Steeleye Span and Jerry Boys.



1. One Misty Moisty MorningTrad3m 27s
2. Alison GrossTrad5m 26s
3. The Bold PoachersTrad4m 15s
4. The Ups and DownsTrad2m 42s
5. Robbery with Violins (instr)Trad1m 43s
6. The Wee Wee ManTrad3m 58s
7. The Weaver and the Factory MaidTrad5m 18s
8. Rogues in a NationTrad4m 31s
9. Cam Ye O'er Frae FranceTrad2m 46s
10. Hares on the MountainTrad4m 33s

Storm Force Ten Recorded 1977. Running Time: 41 minutes 55 sec. Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar), Maddy Prior (vocals), Tim Hart (guitar, vocals), Rick Kemp (bass, drums, vocal), John Kirkpatrick (vocals, melodeon), Nigel Pegrum (drums). Produced by Steeleye Span and Mike Thompson.



1. Awake, AwakeTrad5m 3s
2. Sweep, Chimney SweepTrad (Copper Family)4m 40s
3. The Wife of the SoldierScott and Bertold Brecht2m 37s
4. The VictoryTrad8m 35s
5. The Black FreighterTune: Kurt Weill; words: Bertold Brecht5m 58s
6. Some RivalTrad3m 23s
7. Treadmill SongTrad6m 9s
8. Seventeen Come SundayTrad5m 9s

Portfolio Recorded 1969 - 1982. Running time: 71 minutes 31 sec. Maddy Prior (vocals), Tim Hart (vocals, guitar), Ashley Hutchings (bass), Peter Knight (violin, mandolin), Rick Kemp (bass), Robert Johnson (vocals, guitar), John Kirkpatrick (melodeon, vocals), Peters Sellars (ukelele).



1. Dark Eyed SailorTrad
2. Boys Of BedlamTrad
3. GaudeteAnonymous
4. Saucy SailorTrad
5. Alison GrossTrad
6. Thomas The RhymerTrad
7. New York GirlsTrad
8. All Around My HatTrad
9. Black Jack DavieTrad
10. Fighting For StrangersSteeleye Span 
11. The VictoryHart/Prior/Kemp/Kirkpatrick
12. Sligo Maid (instrumental)Trad
13. Let Her Go DownPeter Knight
14. EdwardBob Johnson
15. White ManPeter Knight
16. A Cannon By Telemann (instrumental)Telemann/Knight



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