Davie Stewart (1901 - 1972)

Scottish singer and accordion player, singing mainly traditional songs. He worked in bothies and lived as a traveller.

(John Strachan and Davie Stewart had several songs in common) 


Title.year.Label. Number
Davie Stewartc 1970   
[Reissue]1998 Greentrax  
Go On, Sing Another Songc 1970   
[Reissue]2002 Rounder CD 1833

Anthology - Jimmy MacBeath and Davie Stewart.

Title. year. Label. No
Two Gentlemen of the Road 1951/53/57 Rounder  82161-1793-2

Anthology - Harry Cox, Bob Roberts, Shirley Collins, Frank McPeake, Fred Lawson, Davie Stewart, Bob and Ron Copper etc.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Song Today (*)1955 HM DLP 1143

(*) 10 inch album.


Title. year. Label. number.
They ordered their pints of beer - The Voice of the People vol 13 (+) 1998 Topic TSCD 663

(+ Two tracks only - "The Merchant's Son" and "I'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober" )

Album tracks.

Two Gentlemen of the Road Recorded 1951/53/57. Released on 2 CDs in 2002. CD1 Running time 71 minutes 37 sec; CD 2 Running time 65 minutes 04 secs.. The tracks marked [DS] are by Davie Stewart, those with [JM] are by Jimmy MacBeath. The spoken word tracks are prompted by questions by Alan Lomax. The liner notes contain the words to all the songs. The CD contains a pdf file with transcriptions of the interviews. When Dave Stewart sings he accompanies himself on accordion. 

Title. Author.
1. [DS] The Merchant's Son Trad
2. [DS] Cowpin the dishes (spoken word)  
3. [JM] Hey Barra Gadgie Trad
4. [JM] It wis aa beggin that we did (spoken word)  
5. [JM] Kindness from a policeman (spoken word)  
6. [JM] Grat for Gruel Trad
7. [DS] How to build a bender (spoken word)  
8. [JM] Chantin, Griddlin and Laldyin/ Teery Bustin/ Rothsay-Oh spoken/ Trad/ Trad
9. [DS] The Day We Went To Rothesay-oh Trad
10. [DS] Playing for an All-night Hooley (spoken word)  
11. [DS] March Strathspey and Reel (instr) Trad
12. [JM] Were you always alone? (spoken word) 
13. [JM] The Forfar SodgerTrad
14. [DS] They put a different turns in their tunes (spoken + diddling) 
15. [DS] Outside, on the safe side (spoken word) 
16. [JM] The Ox and the fox dug a hole for me (spoken word) 
17. [DS] It's a long drow at the end (spoken word) 
18. [DS] Old bodies, five or six pounds each (spoken word) 
19. [DS] Did they kill children as well? (spoken word) 
CD 2. Title. Author.
1. [JM] The Darling Ploughman BoyTrad
2. [JM] From the top of the deck  (spoken word) 
3. [JM] Ah likit ma mother aye (spoken word + fragments) 
4. [JM] He used to diddle lots o songs (spoken)/ Fae Would be a Fisherman's Wife? (song)spoken/ Trad
5. [DS] We are called the Buchan Stewarts (spoken word) 
6. [DS] Dark-Eyed LoverTrad
7. [JM] It wis aa slave drivery (spoken word) 
8. [JM] The Barnyard of Delgaty (*)Trad
9. [JM] Singin along at their plough (spoken word) 
10. [DS] The Laird O Dainty DoonbyTrad 
11. [DM] The Horseman's Grip and word (spoken word) 
12. [JM] It wis torn, rippit, tattered (spoken word)/ Eppie Morrie [Child Ballad no 223] (song)spoken/ Trad
13. [JM] The Trooper and the Maid [Child Ballad no 299]Trad
14. [DS] The story lives forever (spoken word) (Fairy tale) 

(* Sung at the 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh)

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