John Strachan (1875 - 1958)

Scottish singer of traditional songs.

(John Strachan and Davie Stewart had several songs in common) 


Songs From Aberdeenshire2001Rounder 82161-1835-2
The Tinker's Wedding1988 Folktrax 


The Folk Songs of Britain vol 21961 CadmonTC1143
[Reissue] Topic 12T158
The Folk Songs of Britain vol 3 1961Caedmon TC1144
[Reissue]  Topic12T159
The Folk Songs of Britain vol 4. The Child Ballads 1. (*)  CaedmonTC1144
[Reissue] Topic 12T160
The Folk Songs of Britain vol 5  Topic12T161
The Folk Songs of Britain vol 7  Topic 
1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh (live)2006 RounderROCD1786 

(* One track only - "The Twa Sisters (Binnorie)")

Anthologies - Jeannie Robertson, John Strachan, John Burgess, Flora McNeill et al.

Heather and Glen2008 CodaACRCD309

Album tracks.

Song From Aberdeenshire. The Alan Lomax Collection.  All tracks recorded on 16th July 1951, except tracks 22 and 23, recorded later in 1951. Issued 2001. Running time 60 mins 42 secs. Solo vocal on all tracks except tracks 11, 19 and 22 where there is a chorus of friends. The liner notes consist of 40-page booklet containing all the words of the songs.


1. The Hairst o Rettie [+]William Park
2. The Miller of Straloch [+]Trad
3. Glenlogie [Child No 238]Trad
4. The Beggar Man [ Child No 279 Appendix]Trad
5. Rhynie (with chorus)Trad 
6. The Merchant's Son (fragmentary. With introduction) [+]Trad 
7. The Minister's Daughters They Were There [The Ball of Kirriemuir]Trad 
8. Fragments: [Loch Leven Castle, Fin the Bed Began to Heat (Tail Toddle), Cuckoo's Nest. With commentary]Trad 
9. Binnorie, O Binnorie [The Twa Sisters][Child No 10]Trad 
10. The Knight and the Shepherd' s Daughter [Child No 110]Trad 
11. The Stootest Man in the Forty Twa (with chorus)Trad 
12. Bonny Udny [+]Trad 
13. The Bonny Lass O FyvieTrad 
14. Clyde's Water [Child No 216] [+]Trad 
15. The Laird O Drum [Child No 236] [+]Trad 
16. Robin Hood [Child No 114]Trad 
17. Macpherson's Rant [+]Trad 
18. The Guise O Tough [+]Trad 
19. Johnnie O Braidislie [+] (with chorus) [Child No 114]Trad 
20. The Bogheid Crew [+]Trad 
21. Harrowing Time [+]Trad 
22. Where the Gadie Rins (*) [+] (with chorus)Trad 
23. Lang Johnnie More [Child No 251] (**)Trad 
24. I Had Some Far Better Verses than That [interview] [+] N/A
(* recorded 17th July 1951)
(** recorded 20th July 1951)
(+ previously unissued)
(Alan Lomax can be heard on tracks 6, 7, 23 and 24)

The Folk Songs of Britain vol 4. The Child Ballads 1.  Issued 1960.  



4. The Twa Sisters (Binnorie) John Strachan, Fyvie, AberdeenshireTraditional


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