English group playing songs related to the English Civil War, Victorian Ballads and some traditional songs.


Farewell Musket Pike and Drum 1977TraditionTSR 026
Fortunes of War 1979Tradition TSR 032
Songs from the Book of England (2 LPs)1980 DragonDRGN 8735/6 
Through Smoke and Fire1982 TraditionTRS 040
Gentlemen of Fortune1984 TraditionTRS 045
Sedgemoor1985 DragonDRGN 851
A New Vintage1987 DragonDRGN 892
Law Lies Bleeding1988 DragonDRGN 872
Tiffin1988 DragonDRGN 892
The Old Lamb and Flag1992 DragonDRGNCD 902
Victorian Ballads1994 DragonDRNCD 941
The Walls and a Ragged Staff1995 DragonDRNCD 951
Songs of the Civil War1997 ExtraCRM 064

Last updated on 19/10/2010