Seamus Tansey (b 1943)

Irish flute player, playing mainly traditional tunes.


Jigs, Reels and Airsc 1980 ??
The Coleman Country Ceili Bandc 1980 ??
Easter Snow - Irish Traditional Folk Music1997  
[Reissue]2007 TempleCOMD2063
Words and Music - The Phantom Shadows of a Connaught Firelight (3 CDs) 2001 Tanbar RecordingsNo number
Best of Seamus Tansey? OutletPTICD1007

Multi-volume Albums.

Jigs, Reels and Airs/The Coleman Country Ceili Band1993 GTD HeritageHSM CD 028020

Collaboration - Seamus Tansey and Jim McKillop.

Title year. Label. number.
To Hell with the Begrudgers1998 SoundSUN CD 30

Anthology - Seamus Tansey, Joe Sheridan, Brian Vallely et al.

Title year. Label. number.
Traditional Irish Sessions2000? ?SICD5017 

Session recordings.

Battlefield BandAcross The Borders1997TempleTSCD543

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