Joseph Taylor (1832 - after 1908)

English vocalist singing traditional songs. One of the earliest to be recorded.

(Percy Grainger made some recordings in Lincolnshire in 1906, using a portable wax cylinder recording machine. In May 1908 he returned to Brigg and recorded some more, and brought Joseph Taylor to London for further recordings in July 1908.)
(The "English Rhapsody" by Delius was inspired by Joseph Taylor's singing.)


Unto Brigg Fair 1972LeaderLEA 4050


Title. year. Label. No.
Hidden English(*) 2003 Topic  TSCD600
Sprigs of Time - 78s from the EMI Archive (**) 2008EMI/ Honest Jon's HJRCD36

(*) Two Tracks - Brigg Fair and Lord Bateman.
(**) One Track - Sprig of Thyme.


Come Let Us Buy The Licence - The Voice of the People vol 1 (+)1998Topic 

(+ One track only - The Gypsy Girl)

Anthology - Nic Jones, Bob and Ron Copper, William Kimber, Joseph Taylor, Harry Cox, Oak, Sam Larner, Phoebe Smith, Louise Fuller, Walter Pardon, Paddy Tunney, Margaret Barry et al.

Three Score and Ten2009 Topic TOPIC70

Album tracks.

Unto Brigg Fair Running time ? minutes ? seconds. All songs are traditional and unaccompanied.



1. Sprig o' thymeJoseph Taylor
2. Died for loveJoseph Taylor
3. Brigg FairJoseph Taylor
4. The white hareJoseph Taylor
5. Lord BatemanJoseph Taylor
6. Rufford Park poachersJoseph Taylor
7. The gipsy's wedding dayJoseph Taylor
8. Worcester CityJoseph Taylor
9. Creeping JaneJoseph Taylor
10. Murder of Maria MartinJoseph Taylor
11. Sprig o' thyme (2nd recording)Joseph Taylor
12. Bold William TaylorJoseph Taylor
13. Lord BatemanMr Thompson
14. Green bushesJoseph Leaning
15. The Sheffield apprenticeJoseph Leaning
16. Horkstow GrangeGeorge Gouldthorpe
17. Landlord and tenantJoseph Taylor
18. Bold NevinsonJoseph Taylor
19. Lord MelbourneGeorge Wray
20. Bold Robin HoodDean Robinson
21. T'owd yowe wi' one hornDean Robinson

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