Simon Thoumire (b 1970)

French/Scottish bagpiper playing traditional and contemporary tunes, including free improvisation.

(Simon has recorded with "Keep It Up".)


Hootz (*)1990   
Waltzes For Playboys1993 Acoustic Radio  
Exhibit A1995 Iona  
March, Strathspey and Surreal (**)1996 Green Linnet  
Music for A New Scottish Parliament 1999Tartan 
Celtic Connections Suite (***)1999 Tartan Tapes CDTT1005
The Big Day In (****)2001 Foot Stompin' CDFSR 1713
Experiments in Culture2005 Foot Stompin'  
(* Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr)
(** Simon Thoumire Three)
(*** Simon Thoumire Orchestra)
(**** Simon Thoumire and David Milligan)

Albums - Simon Thoumire and David Milligan.

Title.year.Label. number
Third Flight Home2007 Foot Stompin'CDFSR 1736

Album - Seannachie (including Simon Thoumire).

Title.year.Label. number
Take Note1988 Raven RecordsRR002
Devil's Delight1992 Raven RecordsRR003

Collaboration - Jerry Douglas, Aly Bain, Simon Thoumire et al.

Title.year.Label. No.
Transatlantic Sessions Series 1 Volume 22009 WhirlieWHIRLIECD16

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