Paddy Tunney (1921 - 2002)

Irish vocalist singing traditional songs.

(Paddy also recorded with Liam Clancy. His date of birth is sometimes given as 1920)


Man of Songs1962  
[Reissue]2010 Folk Legacy 
Wild Bees' Nest1965 Topic12T 139 
[Reissue]1992 OssianOSS 74
The Irish Edge1966 Topic12T 165
The Mountains Streams (*)1975Folktrax163 
Where the Moorcocks Crow1975 Topic12TS 264 
The Flowery Vale1976 Topic12TS 289 
Lough Erin Shore Luna  
The Green Linnet Green Linnet 
The Stone Fiddle1982 Green LinnetGLCD 1037 
[Reissue]1993 Green Linnet 

(* recorded 1952)

Collaboration - Liam Clancy, Tommy Makem, Family and Paddy Tunney.

Title year. Label. number.
The Lark in the Morning 1955 Tradition Records TLP 1004
[Reissue] 1996 Rykodisc/ Tradition TCD 1001

Collaboration - John Doherty and Paddy Tunney.

Title year. Label. number.
The Singing Men of Ulster 1993Green Linnet 

Best albums(*).

The Stone Fiddle 1982

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthologies - Various artists.

Album title. Year. LabelNumber.
Celtic Mouth Music1997 Elipsis Arts?

Anthologies - The Voice Of The People (issued 1998).

Album title. Label. Number.
The joys and curse of drink - Voice of the People Vol 13 (*) Topic TSCD 663
Working Men & Women in Song - Voice of the People Vol 20 (**) Topic TSCD 670

(* One track only "The Cow that drank the Poteen")
(** One track only "The Wee Weaver" (trad). Rec by Tony Engle & Tony Russell in London. Rec 1975)

Anthology - Lucy Stewart, Jeannie Robertson, Elizabeth Cronin, Frank Quinn, Colm McDonagh, Paddy Tunney, Angela Brasil, John Stickle, Cyril Poacher et al.

The Folk Songs of Britain Vol 4. The Child Ballads 1 (USA)?Caedmon TC 1145
[Reissue] (UK) 1961Topic12T160
[Reissued as "Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland, Vol 1"] 2000Rounder 

The Lark in the Morning. Recorded 1955. Running time: 48 mins 40secs. 
Liam Clancy (vocals), Tommy Makem (vocals), Paddy Tunney (vocals), Padraig O'Keefe (fiddle), Joan Butler (vocals), Peg Power (vocals), Joan Clancy (vocals), Dennis Murphy (fiddle, accordion), Sean Mac Donnchadha (vocals), Sarah Makem (vocals), Peter Bates (fiddle), Thomas Baynes (vocals).
Title. Peformer. Author
1. The Lark in the Morning Paddy Tunney Trad
4. Rockin' the Cradle Paddy Tunney Trad
9. Roisin Dubh (sung in Gaelic) Paddy Tunney Trad
15. The Lowlands of Holland Paddy Tunney Trad
18. Maggie Pickens Paddy Tunney Trad

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