Jake Walton

English singer-songwriter and hurdy-hurdy player. Does occasional traditional tunes and songs.

Albums - Niall and Cillian Vallely.

Title.year.Label. Number
The Gloaming Grey 1979 Freak Folk FF4001
Celtic Folk Festival 1982 ? ?
Sunlight and Shade 1983 Freak Folk FF4012
Songs From the Gurdy Man 1983 Wundertute ?
[Reissue] 1997 BMG  

Albums - Jake Walton and Jez Lowe.

Title.year.Label. Number
Two a Roue1986 FellsideFE055
[Reissue]2003 Tantobie TNTB 101

Albums - Jake Walton and Eric Liorzou.

Emain: the Unknown Land2000 Wundertutte 

Best albums(*).

Title. year.
The Gloaming Grey1979

(*) Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - Jake Walton, Altan, Patrick Street, Cran, Andy M Stewart, Maire Ni Chathasaig  et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Irish Folk Festival: Jubilee1991 WundertuteTUT CD 72.7491

Jake Walton as session musician.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Wizz Jones When I Leave Berlin 1974? ?
Roger NicholsonGentle Sound of the Dulcimer1974? ?
Tommy MakemEver The winds 1975??
Lazy FarmerLazy Farmer 1975??

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