English singers of traditional and contemporary songs.

(Martin Carthy has recorded with The Watersons, Steeleye Span, the Albion Band, Brass Monkey, Blue Murder and solo) (Norma Waterson has also recorded with The Watersons, Blue Murder and solo) (Eliza Carthy has recorded with Blue Murder and solo) (Tim van Eyken has recorded solo and with Robert Habron)


Waterson:Carthy1995TopicTSCD 475
Common Tongue1995Topic TSCD 488
Broken Ground 1999Topic TSCD 509
A Dark Light2003Topic TSCD 536
Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand2004Topic TSCD 542
Holy Heathen and the Old Green Man (*)2006TopicTSCD 562
(* with Devil's Interval)


Title. year. Label. No.
The Definitive Collection 2005  Highpoint  HPO 6012

Best albums(*).

Waterson:Carthy 1995
Holy Heathen and the Old Green Man 2006

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

When First I Came to Caledonia
Midnight on the Water
Jack Frost
Ye Marriners All
The Light Dragoon
New Year Carol - Residue
May Song

Anthology - Rubber Folk: a Folk Tribute to the Beatles.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Rubber Folk: a Folk Tribute to the Beatles (*) 2006 Keltia Musique- KMCD63
(* One track only - "Norwegian Wood")

Anthology - Waterson:Carthy, Barry Dransfield, A.L. Lloyd, Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Magna Carta, Lindisfarne, Sandy Denny, Oak, Richard Thompson et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Anthology of English Folk (5 CDs) 2007? Deja Vu  

Anthology - Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band, Cherish the Ladies, Boys of the Lough, Waterson:Carthy, Dordan, Druidstoe, Nowell Sing We Clear et al.

Comfort and Joy: A Christmas Celtic Sojourn 2003Rounder?

Anthology - Ewan MacColl, Martin Carthy, June Tabor, The Albion Band, Brass Monkey, Martin Simpson, Waterson:Carthy et al.

Simply Folk (4 CDs) 2007SimplySIMPLYCD039


In Search of English Folk Music2008 

Album tracks.

The Definitive Collection Running time 64 minutes 45 seconds. Released 2005. Recorded on various dates 1995 - 2004.Eliza Carthy (vocals, fiddle, viola), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar), Norma Waterson (vocals), Saul Rose (melodeon on 4,5 and 7)(vocals on 12) , Tim van Eyken (melodeon, vocals)(on 8,9,11 and 13), Ben Ivitsky (low whistle).



1. Bold Doherty Traditional Waterson:Carthy
2. Stars in My Crown Traditional Blue Murder
3. Ye Marriners All Traditional Waterson:Carthy
4. Rowling Hornpipe/ Our Cat Has Kittened/ Bleaton Gardens/ Sportsman's Hornpipe Traditional Broken Ground
5. The Forsaken Mermaid Traditional Broken Ground
6. Hares In The Old Plantation Traditional Common Tongue
7. The Bay of Biscay Traditional Broken Ground
8. Balancy Straw/ Seventeen Come Sunday/ Whitefriars Hornpipe TraditionalA Dark Light
9. Captain KiddTraditionalFishes and Fine Yellow Sand
10. Flash CompanyTraditional Common Tongue
11. The Devil and the FarmerTraditionalA Dark Light
12. Jacob's WellTraditional(*)
13. Goodbye Fare You WellTraditionalFishes and Fine Yellow Sand
(* live recording from Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia, March 1999)

Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man Running time 59 minutes 47 seconds. Released 2006. Recorded 2006. Norma Waterson (vocals, triangle), Eliza Carthy (vocals, fiddle, mandolin), Martin Carthy (vocals, guitar), Tim van Eyken (vocals, melodeons). Also "The Devil's Interval" (Jim Causley (vocals), Emily Portman (vocals), Lauren McCormick (vocals). Also Martin Brinsford (percussion), Alice Kinloch (trombone, tuba), Tom Allan (trumpets), Oliver Knight (cello)



1. New Year Carol - Residue Traditional 2:57
2. Sugar Wassail Traditional 2:12
3. St George John Kirkpatrick 2:50
4. May Song Traditional 2:44
5. Christ Made a Trance Traditional 2:32
6. When Jesus Wept The Falling Tear W Billings 2:24
7. Cherry Tree Carol Traditional 4:20
8. Reaphook and Sickle Traditional2:48
9. Jack FrostMike Waterson4:33
10. While Shepherds Watched Their FlocksTraditional 5:17
11. On Christmas Day It Happened SoTraditional2:43
12. Time to Remembered the PoorM Lolley (?)4:40
13. Jacobstowe WassailTraditional2:50
14. Awake AwakeTraditional4:06
15. DiademTraditional3:28
16. Jolly Old HawkTraditional2:51
17. Gloryland (Baptist hymn)Sankey3:40


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