Robin Williamson (b 1943)/ Myrrh

Scottish singer-songwriter, story-teller, harpist, poet, maker of Celtic myths.

(I make no distinction between albums by Robin Williamson and albums by Myrrh)
(Robin Williamson is not related to Roy Williamson of the Corries.)
(Robin has also recorded with the Incredible String Band.)
(Some of the records contain extended spoken word sections)
(Some of his fans are interested only in the harp-playing albums)


Title.year.Label. Number
Myrrh1972 Island Records  HELP 2
[Reissue]? EdselEDCD366
[Reissue]2004 BGO647
Journey's Edge1977 EdselEDCD374
[Reissue]2008 Fledg'lingFLED 3071
American Stonehenge (*)1978Flying Fish FF062
[Reissue]1994 EdselEDCD389
[Reissue] 1994Demon Records 
A Glint at the Kindling1979 TCMTCM 9201
[Reissue]2005 Gott Discs  
[Reissue]2008 Beat Goes On 832
Songs of Love and Parting1981 Flying FishFF 257
[Reissue] 1995 Music Corporation9403
[Reissue] 2005 Gottdiscs22
[Reissue] 2008 Beat Goes On849
Music for the Mabinogi1984 Flying FishFF-340
Legacy of the Scottish Harpers vol 11984 Flying FishFF-358
Legacy of the Scottish Harpers vol 21986   
Winter's Turning1986 Flying FishFF-406
Songs for Children of All Ages1987 Flying FishFF-438
Ten of Songs1988 Flying FishFF-448
Music for the Newly Born1990   
Wheel of Fortune1993   
Songs for the Kalendarium1997   
Celtic Hap Airs and Dance Tunes1997 Greentrax134
Songs of Love and Dance Tunes +51997  
Gems of Celtic Story vol 11998 Pig's Whisker5007
Ring Dance1998 Pig's Whisker 
Gems of Celtic Story vol 21998 Pig's Whisker 
The Job of Journey Work1998 Pig's Whisker 
The Island of the Strong Door1998 Pig's Whisker 
The Old Fangled Tune1999 Pig's Whisker  
The Seed-At-Zero2001ECM 
Gems of Celtic Story vol 2 2002 Pig's Whisker 
Music For Macbeth2002 Pig's Whisker 
Skirting The River Road2003 ECM 
Four Gruach Tales2006 Gott Discs 
The Iron Stone (**)2006 ECM 9876441
The Celtic Bard2008 Gason  

(* with His Merry Band)
(* with Ale Moller, Mat Maneri and Barre Philips)

Robin Williamson and His Merry Band.

Title.year.Label. Number
Farewell Concert at McCabes1997 Resurgent  4137

Robin Williamson and Mike Heron.

Title.year.Label. number
Bloomsbury1997 Pig's Whisker  5006

Collaboration - Robin Williamson and Clive Palmer.

At the Pure Fountain (live)1999 Pig's Whisker
Just Like the Ivy2000 Pig's Whisker 

Collaboration - Robin and Bina Williamson.

Carmina2001 ?

Collaboration - John Renbourn and Robin Williamson.

Wheel of Fortune (*) 1994 Castle CMRCD1279

(* Recorded live 1993)

Multi-volume Albums.

Songs for Children of All Ages/ Winter's Turning1999 Pig's Whisker 
Songs of Love and Parting/ Selected Writings 1980 -1983 (*)2010 Beat Goes On 

(* "Selected Writings 1980-1983" is a collection of poetry readings originally issued on cassette, sold only at gigs)


Title. year. Label. No.
Dream Journals 1966 - 1976 1997Pig's Whisker5004
Mirrorman's Sequences 1961 - 1966 1999Pig's Whisker5002

Best Albums(*).

American Stonehenge 1978
The Iron Stone2006

(*)Based on critical opinion.


In concert (live) 1994Shanachie 

Robin Williamson
- Penny Whistle Book (1977)

Robin Williamson
- Five Denials on Merlin's Grave: A Poem With Annotations (1979)

Dan Sherman and Robin Williamson
- The Glory Trap (1981) (novel)

Robin Williamson
- Holy Howlers (1987)
- The Craneskin Bag: Celtic Stories and Poems (1989)
- Wise and Foolish Tongue: Celtic Stories and Poems (1991)

Robin Williamson and John Matthews
- From the Isles of Dream: Visionary Stories and Poems of the Celtic Renaissance (1993)

R.J. Stewart and Robin Williamson
- Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids (1996)

Robin Williamson and John Matthews
- The Bardic Source Book: Inspirational Legacy and Teachings of the Ancient Celts (1998)

Robin Williamson
- English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Fiddle Tunes (1998)

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