Wolfe Tones

Irish group singing traditional and contemporary Irish songs, often related to Irish patriotism.

(The original Wolfe Tone was an Irish patriot)


The Foggy Dew1965 FontanaTL5224 LP
Up The Rebels1966 FontanaTL 5338 687  380 TL LP
[Reissue] 1970Dolphin DOLM 5003 LP
[Reissue] 2002Dolphin 
Teddy Bear's Head (EP)1967 FontanaTE 17491 EP
The Rights of Man1968 FontanaTL 5462 LP
Rifles of the IRA1969Dolphin DOL 1002 LP
[Reissue] 1991Shanachie 52030
[Reissue] 2001 Celtic Conncections 
Let the People Sing 1972DolphinDOL 1004
[Reissue]1972 BootBOS-7117
[Reissue] 1991 Shanachie52031
Till Ireland a Nation1974 DolphinDOL 1006
[Reissue]? Celtic Collections 
Irish To the Core1976 TriskelTRL 1001
[Reissue]1993 Shanachie52033
Across The Broad Atlantic1976TriskelTRL 1002
Belt of the Celts1978TriskelTRL 1003
As Gaeilge1980TriskelTRL 1004
[Reissue]?Celtic Collections 
Spirit Of The Nation1991Shanachie52028
Live Alive-O1980TriskelTRL 1005
A Sense Of Freedom1983TriskelTRL 1012
25th Anniversary (2 CDs)1989HMCD50/5
[Reissue]2001Celtic Collections 
Profile1991Shanachie 52027
Sing Out For Ireland1993Shanachie 52034
Rebels and Heroes2004 Celtic Collections 
You'll Never Beat The Irish2005 Shanachie40937
Celtic Symphony2006 Celtic CollectionsCCD 023
1916: The Easter Rising2006 Celtic CollectionsCCCD 1916 CD

Albums - Derek Warfield.

Sons of Erin2000  
Clear The Way   
Bonnie Blue Flag2004  
Songs for The Bhoys: The Essential Celtic Collection: 36 Great Celtic Songs (2 CDs) (*)2005 Dolphin 
More Songs for The Bhoys: The Essential Celtic Collection: 32 Great Celtic Songs (2 CDs) (*)2005 Dolphin 
God Save Ireland 2007  

(* Football songs plus some traditional songs).


Title. year. Label. No.
Teddy Bear's Head (LP)1971Dolphin DOLM 5005
[Reissue] 2002Dolphin DOCD 9024
Greatest Hits 1990Tara 
[Reissue]2000Four Seasons 
[Reissue]2001Celtic Collections 
Celtic Collections: The Very Best of the Wolfe Tones 1999Celtic Collections 
Millennium Celebration2000 CelticTRCD2000 CD
20 Golden Irish Ballads vol 12002Dolphin DOCD 9007
20 Golden Irish Ballads vol 22002Dolphin DOCD 9008
20 Golden Irish Ballads vol 1 and 2 Dolphin DOCD 9007/8
The Troubles 2005  
50 Great Irish Rebel Songs and Ballads (3 CDs) (*) 2005Dolphin DWWT3CD1
The Platinum Collection (3 CDs) 2006EMI 
The Anthology of Irish Song (2 CDs) 2008Celtic Collections 

(* Derek Warfield and the Wolfe Tones).

Best Albums(*).

Let the People Sing 1972
Up The Rebels 1966
25th Anniversary 1989

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Anthology - The Spinners, Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, Martin Carthy, The Wolftones, The Corries, Julie Felix, Wally Whyton, The McPeakes et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Favourites 1970Contour 6870 636

Popular downloads.

Come Out Ye Black and Tans
Celtic Symphony
A Nation Once Again
I'm A Rover
Streets of New York
The Foggy Dew
God Save Ireland


Title year. Label.
On the Road 2005  
At Their Very Best - 40th Anniversary 2003 
25 Best Recordings  
Celtic Symphony (2 DVDs)? 


Save Ireland/Uncle Nobby's Steamboat1970 DolphinDOS 73 
Big Strong Man/ The Four Seasons1970 Dolphin 
Slievenamon/ 7 Old Ladies1970 DolphinDOS 79 
Fiddler's Green/ Kevin Barry1971 DolphinDOLP 7?
Snowy Breasted Pearl/ Big Strong Man1972 DolphinDOS 92



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