The Yetties

English comedy group playing versions of songs relating to agriculture.

(Originally from Yetminster.)


Title.year.Label. Number
Fifty Stone of Loveliness 1969AcornCF 203
Who's A-fear'd - Songs and Music from Dorset 1970Acorn CD 208
Keep A-Runnin' - It's the Yetties1970 ArgoZFB 16
Our Friends1971 ArgoZFB 32
All At Sea1973 ArgoZFB 86
Up in Arms 1974 ArgoZDA 100
The Yetties of Yetminster 1975   
Let's Have A Party1975 ArgoZDA 175
Dorset is Beautiful1972? ArgoZFB 38
The Village Band1976 DeccaSKL 5253
Up Market1977 DeccaSKL 5282
Dorset Style1978   
In Concert 1979   
A Little Bit of Dorset 1981 Ala3001
A Proper Job 1981 Ala3003
Cider N Song 1983 Yet3002
The Banks of Newfoundland 1984   
Yetties In Concert 1984 DeccaLP SKL 5311
Top of the Crops 1985 Grasmere 
The Yetties 1986 Academy Sound and VisionLP ALA 3007
The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy 1988   
Singing All The Way 1989 Academy Sound and VisionCD ALA 3009
Play it Again 1989   
The Fiddler Knows 1990   
Out in the Green Fields 1990   
Looking For the Sunshine 1991   
Come to the Yetties Barn Dance1994   GRAP 53
Singalong Party1995   
Folk Music of England1997   
In Praise of Dorset1997 Own LabelYETCD 3013
Wild Mountain Thyme1999   
Rolling Home to England2001 Grasmere   
Messing About on the River2003   
Songs of Olde England2004 Parade 
Dorset My Dorset?   
A West country Pub Party2005   


Title. year. Label. No.
World of the Yetties 1975Argo SPA 436
Focus on the Yetties (2 LPs) 1978  


Title.year.Label. Number
Dorset is Beautiful1974 ??
Bandy Bertha's Birthday/ One Morning in May1975 ArgoAFW 120
Costa Del Dorset1975 ArgoAFW 125
Cigareetes, Whusky and Wild Wild Women   F13654
Fill Up The Cider Cup ?ArgoAFW 125

Anthology - Tony Rose, The Yetties, Dave and Toni Arthur, The Northern Front, Robin and Barry Dransfield et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk on Friday1970 BBC Records REC 955

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