The Young Tradition

English group singing mainly traditional songs.

(Peter Bellamy 1944 - 1991 has recorded solo.)
(Royston and Heather Wood have recorded as a duo)
(Shirley Collins has record with the Albion band, The Etchingham Steam Band and solo)
(Royston Wood (1935 - 1990) was not related to Heather Wood (b 1945))


Title.year.Label. Number
The Young Tradition1966 Transatlantic TRA 142
[Reissue]1967 VanguardVSD 79246
[Reissue] (Vinyl)1987 Transatlantic 
[Reissue]1989 DemonTRANDEM5
So Cheerfully Round1967 TransatlanticTRA 155
Galleries1968 Transatlantic  172
Galleries Revisited 1973 TransatlanticTRASAM 30

Multi-volume Albums.

Young Tradition/ So Cheerfully Round1996 EssentialESM409
Galleries/ No Relation (*)1997 Essential 
[Reissue] 2002Castle 

(* "No Relation" is an album by Royston Wood and Heather Wood" (1977). Royston Wood was also a member of The Young Tradition).

Collaboration - Young Tradition and Shirley and Dolly Collins.

Title.year.Label. No
The Holly Bears the Crown1969 (*)FledglingFLED3006

(* not released until 1995).

Best albums(*).

Galleries 1969

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Popular downloads.

Lyke Wake Dirge
California Morning
John Barleycorn
The Fox Hunt
Sheila Takes a Bow
The Agincourt Carol

Anthologies - The Young Tradition, Cyril Tawney, Ewan MacColl, Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner, et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
The World of Folk1971 ArgoSPA-A 132

Anthology - Lonnie Donegan, Ewan MacColl, Ian Campbell, Young Tradition, Shirley and Dolly Collins, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Anne Briggs et al.

Troubadours of British Folk Volume 1 - Unearthing the Tradition 1995Rhino 72160

Various artists - Shirley Collins, Sweeney's Men, Vashti Bunyan, Mr Fox, Ewan MacColl, Isla Cameron, Bert Jansch, Fairport Convention, Donovan, Incredible String Band, Jan Dukes de Grey, Young Tradition, Sandy Denny, Comus et al.

Title. year. Label. no
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British and Irish Folk 1966 - 1978 (4 CDs)2006 Castle MusicCMXBX 1030

"The Holly Bears the Crown". Recorded 1969 but not released until 1995. Running time 32 minutes 50 seconds.

The Young Tradition (Peter Bellamy (vocal), Heather Wood (vocals), Royston Wood (vocals)), Shirley Collins (vocals), Dolly Collins (pipe-organ),  Adam Skeaping (bass viol), Roderick Skeaping (recorder). Narrations by Gary Watson. Instrumental arrangements by Dolly Collins. Produced by John Gilbert. Photography by Brian Shuel. Cover artwork by David Suff.



1. Prologue from "Hamlet" (spoken) Shakespeare
2. The Boar's Head CarolTrad
3. Is It Far To Bethlehem? Frances Chesterton/ Trad
4. Lullay My LikingTrad (tune by Gustav Holst)
5. The Cherry Tree CarolTrad (tune by Shirley Collins)
6. Shepherds AriseTrad  (Copper Family)
7. I sing of a Maiden That Is MakelessTrad (tune by Dolly Collins)
8. Interlude: the Great Frost (spoken) Virginia Woolf ("Orlando")
9. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing DayTrad
10. A Virgin Most Pure Trad
11. The Coventry CarolTrad
12. The Holly Bears The CrownTrad
13. March The Morning Sun Royston Wood
14. Bring Us In Good AleTrad

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