Darol Anger (b 1953)

American fiddler/ mandolin player of bluegrass/jazz/new acoustic.


Title.year.Label. Number
Fiddlisticks1981 Kaleidoscope  F-8
Live At Montreux '841984 Windham Hill  WD-1036
Chiaroscuro 1985 Windham HillWD-1043
Tideline1986 Windham Hill WD-1021
The Duo1988 Rounder0168
Jazz Violin Celebration: Recorded Live1988   
Diary of a Fiddler1999 Compass   
Brand New Can2000   
Republic of Strings2004 Compass   
Heritage2005 Six Degrees  
Generation Nation2006   

Collaboration - Darol Anger and Mike Marshall.

Title. year. Label.
The Duo! 1988 
[Reissue]? Rounder
Woodshop2007 Adventure Music

Collaboration - Mike Marshall and Darol Anger with Vasen.

Title. year. Label.
Mike Marshall and Darol Anger with Vasen 2007Adventure Music 

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