Norman Blake (b 1938)

American bluegrass and folk singer and guitarist. Also banjo-player.


Home in Sulphur Springs1972 Rounder 
Going Places1974 Flying Fish 
The Fields of November1974 Flying Fish 
Old and New1975 Flying Fish 
Live at McCabe's1976 Takoma 
Norman Blake and Red Rector 1976Country 
Whiskey Before Breakfast1976 Rounder 
Blackberry Blossom 1977Flying Fish 
[Reissue] 2001Flying Fish 
Directions1978 Takoma 
Rising Fawn String Ensemble 1979Rounder 
Full Moon on the Farm1981 Rounder 
Original Underground Music 1982Rounder 
Nashville Blues1984 Rounder 
Lighthouse on the Shore 1985Rounder 
The Norman & Nancy Blake Compact Disc 1986Rounder 
Natasha's Waltz1987 Rounder 
Slow Train through Georgia 1987Rounder 
Blake & Rice1987 Rounder 
Blind Dog 1988Rounder 
Norman Blake and Tony Rice 21990 Rounder 
The Fields of November/Old and New 1992Flying Fish 
Just Gimme Somethin' I'm Used To 1992Shanachie 
While Passing Along This Way 1994Shanachie 
The Hobo's Last Ride 1996Shanachie 
Chattanooga Sugar Babe1998 Shanachie 
Be Ready Boys: Appalachia to Abilene 1999Shanachie 
Far Away, Down on a Georgia Farm 1999Shanachie 
Flower From the Fields of Alabama 2001Shanachie 
Old Ties2002 Rounder 
Meeting on Southern Soil 2002Red House 
The Morning Glory Ramblers2004 Dualtone 
Back Home in Sulphur Springs 2006Dualtone 
Shacktown Road2007 Dualtone 
Rising Fawn Gathering2009 Western Jubilee 


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Essential Recordings2010 Edcca (UMO)?


Norman Blake's Guutar Techniques2003 ?

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