Barbara Dane (b 1927)

American singer of blues and the occasional folk song.


Trouble In Mind 1957Barbary CoastBC 033014
[Reissue]? SpartonM33014
Livin' With the Blues 1959DotDLP-3177 
[Reissue]? DotDLP-5177
When I Was a Young Girl1961 World Pacific/ HorizonWP-1602 
[Reissued as "Anthology of American Folk Songs"] ?Tradition 2072
[Reissue] ?Young World YH 1507
[Reissued as "American Folk Song Anthology"]1966 DelyseEIS 8876
[Reissue]1997 Tradition/ RykodiscTCD 1062
[Reissued as "Anthology of American Folk Songs"] 2006Empire Musikwerks 389302
On My Way1962 CapitolST 1758 
Sings the Blues With 6 and 12 String Guitar1964 FolkwaysFA 2471 
Barbara Dane & The Chambers Brothers1966  
FTA!: Songs Of The GI Resistance1970 ParedonP-1003 
[Reissue]2009 Smithsonian Folkways 
I Hate The Capitalist System1973 ParedonP-1014
When We Make It Through1982 ParedonP-1046


Title. year. Label. Number
On My Way Home/ Go From My Window 1960Trey  3012

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