Erik Darling (1933 - 2008)

American singer of contemporary and traditional songs. Also player of 12-string guitar and bluegrass banjo.

(Erik Darling has recorded with The Folksay Trio, The Tarriers, Songswappers, The Weavers, The Rooftop Singers and "Darling and Sweet". Some sources give his year of birth as 1922.)


Erik Darling/ Sings and Plays 1958ElektraEKL 154
True Religion 1961Vanguard VRS 9099
Train Time 1962Vanguard 
The Possible Dream1975  
Border Town At Midnight1994  
Instrumental Music & Song of the Appalachians1994  
Bluegrass Music1994  
Child, Child2000  
Erik Darling2005 Collector's Choice 

Multi-volume albums.

True Religion Time (and Train Time) ?King Records KICP 2029

Anthology - Erik Darling, Cynthia Gooding, The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ewan MacColl, Irish Ramblers, Susan Reed et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Box1964 Elektra EKL 9001

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Ed McCurdy Blood, Booze and Bones1956 Elekra108 

Book: "I'd Give My Life: A Journey By Folk Music" by Erik Darling (2008)

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