Dry Branch Fire Squad

American country/folk group.


Spiritual Songs From Dry Branch1977 
Born To Be Lonesome1978 
On Tour1979 
Antiques and Inventions1981 Rounder Select 
Fannin' The Flames1982 
Good Neighbours and Friends1985 
Golgotha1986 Rounder 
Fertile Ground1989 Rounder 
Long Journey1991 Rounder 
Just For The Record1993 Rounder 
Live! At Last1996 Rounder 
Memories That Bless and Burn1999 Rounder 
Hand Hewn2001 Rounder 
Live At Newport Fire House2005 
30th Anniversary2007 Rounder
Echoes of the Mountains 2009 Decca


Title. year. Label. number.
Tried and True1987 ??
[Reissue] 1999 Rounder 

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