Ian and Sylvia

Canadian married duo, playing contemporary songs, country, blues and the occasional traditional song.

(Ian Tyson (b 1933) and Sylvia Tyson (Sylvia Fricker) (b 1940). Married 1964)

Albums - Ian and Sylvia.

Ian and Sylvia1962 Vanguard79215 
[Reissue]1962 VanguardVSD 2113
Four Strong Winds1964 VanguardVSD 2149 
Northern Journey1964 VanguardVSD 79154
Early Morning Rain1965 VanguardVSD 79175
[reissue]1965 FontanaTF 6053
Play One More1966 VanguardVSD 79215 
Lovin' Sound1967   
So Much For Dreaming1967 VanguardVSD 79241 
Full Circle1968   
Nashville1968 VanguardVSD 79284 
[Reissue]2006 Vanguard 
Full Circle1968 MGM4550
Lovin' Sound1969 Polydor2353 063
[Reissue]? MGM4388
Great Speckled Bird1970 AmpexA10103
Ian and Sylvia 1971ColC30736
You Were on my Mind1973 CBS31337
Long Long time1994  
End of Beginning1996  
Beginning of the End1996  
Someday Soon1997  

Multi-volume albums.

Lovin Sound/ Full Circle 2007Collectors Choice ?


The Best of Ian and Sylvia (Vanguard)1968 VanguardSVRL 19004 
[Reissue]1968 VanguardVSD 79269
The Best of Ian and Sylvia (CBS)1974   
Greatest Hits, Vol 1 (2 LPs)1969 VanguardVSD 5/6 
Greatest Hits, Vol 2 (2 LPs)1970 Vanguard VSD 23/4
Best of the Vanguard Years1998 Vanguard  
Best of? CBS32516
[Reissue]? CBS64634
Beginning of the End1996 Bear Family 
Vanguard Collector's Edition1997  
Movin' On 1967 - 19681999 Mercury 
Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings (4 CDs)2002 Vanguard 

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Folk Music at Newport ?    
Live at Newport 1996 Vanguard   

Albums - Ian solo.

Ol'Oen1974 A & MSP 9017
One Jump ahead of the Devil1978 BootBOS 7189

Albums - Sylvia solo.

Women's World1975 CapitolSKAO 6430
Cold wind From the North1976 CapST 6441
Satin on Stone1978 SaltSR 101
Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt1979 SaltSE 102

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