Kingston Trio

American group, singing folk songs and popular songs.

(The Guard years were from 1958 to Aug 1961. The Stewart years were from Aug 1961 to Sept 1966)


Kingston Trio1958 Capitol T 996 
At Large1959 CapitolST 1199 
Here We Go Again!1959 CapitolT/ST-1258 
Sold Out1960 CapitolST 1352 
String Along1960 CapitolST 1407 
Last Month of the Year1960 CapitolST 1446
[Reissue]1965 World RecordST 564
Make Way!1961 CapitolST 1474 
Encores1961 CapitolST
Close Up1961 CapitolST 1642
Goin' Places1961 CapitolT 1564 
Something Special1962 CapitolT 1747 
New Frontier1963 Capitol1809
Sunny Side1963 CapitolST 1935 
Time To Think1963 CapitolST-2011
Kingston Trio #161963  
Time To Think1964  
Back in Town1964  
Nick - Bob - John1964 BrunswickLAT 8597
Children of the Morning1966  
[Reissue]2006 Folk Era 

Multi-volume albums.

Kingston Trio At Large/ Here We Go Again 2001Collectors Choice ?
Kingston Trio/ From The Hungry i" 2001Collectors Choice  
Close Up/ College Concert 2001Collectors Choice  
Something Special/ Back in Town 2001Collectors Choice  
New Frontier/ Time To Think 2001Collectors Choice  
Make Way/ Goin' Places 2001Collectors Choice  
16/ Sunny Side2001 Collectors Choice  
Sold Out/ String Along ?Capitol/ EMI/ Chrysalis  


Title. year. Label. number.
Greatest Hits ?Curb 
Sing a Song1963 CapitolKAO 2005
The Folk Era1964 CapitolTCL 2180
Greatest Hits1976 AxisAXIS 6272
Rediscover The Kingston Trio 1985  
Capitol Collector Series1990 CapitolCDP 792710
Made in the USA1991 ??
Capitol Years (4 CDs)1995 EMI?
The Original1996 Disky 
The Guard Years1997 ??
The Stewart Years (10 CDs)2000 Bear Family 
The Very Best of the Kingston Trio - 30 Greatest Hits 2000 ??
Essential Kingston Trio2006 Shout Factory 
The Lost 1967 Album: Rarities Vol 1 2007Collectors Choice 
Live At The Santa Monica Civil Auditorium 2007Collectors Choice 
The Best of (Live)2008 Pegasus 
Flashback! 1963 (2 CDs)2009 Folk Era 
Leaders of the 60's Folk Revolution (2 CDs) 2010 Jasmine 
The Best of2010 Xtra 

Live Albums

Title. year. Label. number.
... From"The Hungry i"1959 CapitolT 1107 
Stereo Concert1958 CapitolST 1183 
College Concert1962    
Best of the Best (Live)1991  WMCD5618
Live at Newport 19591995 Vanguard 
Live2003 Fabulous 
The Final Concert: Nick, Bob and John 2007Collectors Choice 
Once Upon a Time (Live)2008 Collectors Choice 
Twice Upon a Time (Live)2008 Collectors Choice 


Tom Dooley/ Ruby Red1958 Capitol4049
Tom Dooley1958 CapitolCL 14951
Rasperrries Strawberries/ Sally 1958Capitol4114
Tijuana Jail/ Scarlet Ribbons 1959Capitol4167
M.T.A./ All My Sorrows1959 Capitol4221
Worried Man/ San Miguel 1959Capitol 4271
San Miguel 1959Capitol CL 15073
Coo-coo-U/ Green Grasses1959Capitol 4303
Worried Man (EP)1960 CapitolEAP: 1322
Cool Cargo (EP)1960 Capitol Custom2670
El Matador/ Home From the Hill 1960Capitol4338
Bad Man Blunder/ The Escape of Old John Webb 1960Capitol 4379
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?/ O Ken Karanga1962 CapitolCL 15452
Scotch and Soda/ Jane Jane Jane1962 Capitol4740
Old Joe Clark/ C'mon Betty Home 1963Capitol4808
One More Town/ She Was Good to Me 1963Capitol 4842
Greenback Dollar/ The New Frontier1963 Capitol4898
Reverend Mr Black/ One More Round1963 Capitol4951
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream/ The Patriot Game 1964Capitol 5132


The Kingston Trio and Friends Reunion2003 
45th Anniversary Concert [2003]2007 
The Kingston Trio Story: Whereever We May Go2006 
50 Years of Having Fun2006 

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Tom Dooley19585
San Miguel195929

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