Margaret MacArthur (1928 - 2006)

American singer and player of the Appalachian dulcimer, playing mainly traditional tunes and songs.


Folksongs of Vermont (cass)1962 Folkways5314 
On The Mountains High1972 Living Folk2002 
The Old Songs (cass)1975 Philo1001
An Almanac of New England Farm Songs (cass) 1982Whetstone 2
Make the Whilwood Ring 1982Front Hall 27
MacArthur Road 1989Front Hall 40
Vermont Ballads and Broadsides1989Whetstone 1
Them Stars 1995Whetstone 4
Ballads Thrice Twisted 1999Whetstone 5

Albums - Dan, Margaret, Megan and Gary MacArthur.

MacArthur Road1989 ??


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