Ed McCurdy (1919 - 2000)

American singer, performing British and American folksongs, courtship songs and drinking songs.


Title. year. Label. No
Badmen, Heroes, and Pirate Songs 1955 Elektra  
The Ballad Record 1955 Riverside  
Blood Booze 'n Bones 1956 Elektra  
Bar Room Ballads 1956 Riverside  
Cowboy Songs 1996 Tradition Records  
[Reissue] 1996 Tradition Records TCD 1025
The Folk Singer 1956 Dawn Records  
A Ballad Singer's Choice 1956 Tradition Records  
[Reissue]   Empire Musicwerks  
When Dalliance Was In Flower (and Maidens Lost Their Heads) Vol 1 1956 Elektra  
Sing Songs - Pro and Con ? Elektra  
Songs of the Old West 1957(?) Elektra  
Children's Songs 1958 Tradition Records  
Son of Dalliance 1959 Elektra  
A Treasure Chest of American Folk Song 1961 Elektra  
The Best of Dalliance 1962(?) Elektra  
Cowboy Songs of the Old West (*) 1994  
Naughty & Bawdy Songs of Olde England 1996 Warner Brothers  
The Legend of Robin Hood ? Riverside  
American Folk Songs ? Spoken Arts  
Child's Introduction of Folk Music ? Spoken Arts  
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream ? Bear Family Records  

(* Alan Lomax and Ed McCurdy).

Anthology - Ed McCurdy, Etta Baker et al.

Title. year. Label. No
The Tradition Folk Song Sampler 1959 Tradition Records ?
The Folk Songs Tradition 1960 Tradition Records ?

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