Rodney Miller

American fiddler playing New England contra tunes.

(Rodney has recorded with Airdance)


Airplang: American Instrumental Fiddle Tunes 1985Rounder 
New England Chestnuts Vol 1 1980 
New England Chestnuts Vol 2 1981 
Airplang II: Fiddle Music 1987 Great Meadow 
Greasy Coat1990 Great Meadow
All Round Collection of Jigs Reels and Country Airs1997  
New Leaf2000 Great Meadow
Pure Quill 2000 Great Meadow
New England Chestnuts Volumes 1 & 2 2001Great Meadow 
Airdance2001 Great Meadow 
Castle in the Air?  

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