New Lost City Ramblers

American group playing blue grass, old time music and jug band music.

(Tom Paley has recorded solo)(Mike Seeger has recorded solo)


Title.year.Label. number
The New Lost City Ramblers1958 Folkways  FA 2396
The New Lost City Ramblers Vol II1959 Folkways FA 2397
Songs From the Depression1959 FolkwaysFA 5264
Old-Timey Songs For Children1959 FolkwaysFC 7064
The New Lost City Ramblers Vol III1961 FolkwaysFA 2398
Tom Paley, John Cohen, Mike Seeger sing songs of the New Lost City Ramblers1961 FolkwaysFA 2494
The New Lost City Ramblers (EP)1961 FolkwaysEPC 602
The New Lost City Ramblers Vol 41962 FolkwaysFA 2399
American Moonshine and Prohibition1962 FolkwaysFH 5263
The New Lost City Ramblers Vol 51963 FolkwaysFA 2395
Gone to the Country1963 FolkwaysFA 2491
Radio Special #11963 FolkwaysEPC 603
String Band Instrumentals1964 FolkwaysFA 2492
Old Timey Music1964 FolkwaysDS 1102
Rural Delivery No 11965 Verve FolkwaysFVS 9003
Remembrance of Things to Come1966 FolkwaysFTS 31035
Modern Times1968 FolkwaysFTS 31027
With Cousin Emmy1968 FolkwaysFTS 31015
On The Great Divide1973 FolkwaysFTS 31041
20th Anniversary Concert1978 Flying FishFF 090
20 Years - Concert Performances (2 LPs)1978 Flying FishFF 102
There Ain't No Way Out1997 Smithsonian Folkways   
40 Years of concert Performances (2 CDs)2001   


Title. year. Label. number.
The Early Years 1958 - 1962 1991Smithsonian Folkways ?
Where Do You come From? Where Do You Go? (3 CDs)2009 Smithsonian Folkways?

Anthologies - various artists.

Folk Festival At Newport Vol 21959 
Songs of the Civil War1960 
The Folk Music of the Newport Folk Festival 1959-60 vol 21961 
Country Music and Bluegrass at Newport1963 
The Folk Box (4 LPs)1964 
Troubadours of the Folk Era. Volume Three. The Groups1992 
Folk Music at Newport Vol 11995 


Title year. Label.
Pete Seeger: Rainbow Quest (New Lost City Ramblers and Greenbriar Boys) 2005  
Always Been a Rambler2009 

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