Hermes Nye (19?? - 1981)

American singer of mainly traditional songs.


Title.Year.Label. Number
Anglo-American Ballads1953 FolkwaysFP37
[Reissue]2009 Folkways 
Ballads of the Civil War vol 1 1830 - 1861 1954Folkways FP 48-7
[Reissue] 1960Folkways FA 2187
Ballads of the Civil War vol 2 1861 - 18651954 Folkways FP 48-8
[Reissue] 1960 Folkways FA 2188
Texas Folk Songs1955 FolkwaysFP 47-1
[Reissue] 2009 Folkways 
Ballads Reliques: Early English Ballads From The Percy and Child Collection1957 FolkwaysFA 2305
[Reissue]2009 Folkways 
Soldiers Songs1959 FolkwaysFH 5249
[Reissued as "War Ballads USA"]1977 FolkwaysF 5249
[Reissue]2009 Folkways 


Title. year. Label. number.
Ballads of the Civil War 2009Folkways 

Anthology - Various artists including Hermes Nye.

Title. year. Label. No
Amerrican History in Ballad and Song Vol 1 1960Folkways FH 5801

(Book: "How To Be A Folksinger: how To Sing and Present Folksongs ; or The Folksinger's Guide; or Eggs I have Laid" (1965))

(Novel: "Sweet Beat I Have Gone Prowling" (1970))

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