Tim O'Brien (b 1954)

American singer and multi-instrumentalist performing contemporary songs and traditional Irish instrumentals and traditional Irish and English songs. Also blues and bluegrass.

(Tim has recorded with Kate Rusby)
(Not to be confused with the American novelist called Tim O'Brien)

Albums - Tim O'Brien and the O'Boys.

Oh Boy! O'Boy!1993 Sugar HillSH CD 3808 
Rock In My Shoe1995 Sugar HillSH CD 3835
Red On Blonde1996 Sugar HillSH CD 3853

Albums - Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott.

Real Time2000 Howdy Skies?
[Reissue]2009 Full Light?

Albums - New Grange.


Albums - Tim O'Brien.

Guess Who's In Town1977  
Hard Year Blues1985  
Odd Man In1991  
When No One's Around1997 Sugar Hill 
Songs From the Mountain1999  
The Crossing1999 Alula 
Two Journeys2001 Howdy SkiesHS1004
[Reissue]2002 Sugar HillSUG CD 3954
Traveler 2003Sugar Hill SUG CD 3878
Fiddler's Green2005 Sugar HillSUG CD 4006
Cornbread Nation2005Sugar Hill SUG CD 4005
Chameleon2008 Proper American 
Chicken and Egg2010 Howdy SkiesHSCD 1005

Albums - Tim and Mollie O'Brien.

Take Me Back1988  
Remember Me1992  
Away Out on the Mountain1994 ShanachieSH 3825

Session recordings.

The Chieftains Further Down The Old Plank Road2003

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