Tom Paley (b 1928)

American player of banjo, guitar and fiddle. Has lived for many years in the UK.

(Tom has recorded with the New Lost City Ramblers)
(Ben Paley is the son of Tom Paley. Ben has recorded with Sara Grey)


Title.year.Label. number
Folksongs of the Southern Appalachian Mountains1953 ElektraEKL 12
Sue Cow1969 ArgoZFB 3
Hard Luck Papa. Old Time Picking Styles and Techniques1976 Kicking MuleKM 201
[Reissue]2010 Stefan Grossman's 
Stern Old Bachelor1985 Opus3
On A Cold Winter Night (recorded 1989)1993 MarimacC 9050
Old Tom Moore and More1991 Global Village  C 309

Collaboration - Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand, Tom Paley, Harry and Joanie West.

Title. year. Label. number
Shivaree! 1955 EsotericES-538

Collaboration - Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand and Tom Paley.

Title. year. Label. number
Courtin's A Pleasure 1955 Elektra  EKL 122

Collaboration - Eric Weissberg, Tom Paley, Art Rosenbaum, Marshall Brickman.

Title. year. Label. Number
Folk Banjo Styles 1962 ElektraEKL 217

Old Reliable String Band (Tom Paley, Roy Berkeley and Artie Rose).

Title. year. Label.
The Old Reliable String Band 1962  

Collaboration - Tom Paley and Peggy Seeger with Claudia Paley.

Title. year. Label. Number
Who's going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? 1965 Topic12T113
[Reissues as "Tom Paley and Peggy Seeger"] 1965Elektra EKL 295

The New Deal String Band (Tom Paley, Joe Lockett, Janet Kerr).

Title. year. Label. Number
Down in the Willow 1971Argo  ZFB 69
Dealing a New Hand (from the Same Old Deck) 1999    

The Mysterious Redbirds (Tom Paley, James Reams, Bill Christophersen).

Title. year. Label.
The Mysterious Redbirds ?  

Collaboration - Tom and Ben Paley.

Title. year. Label. Number
Svenska Ltar1998 Wildwood Acoustic  WILCD 19805
On A Cold Winter Night (recorded 1989) 1993Marimac C 9050

Collaboration - Tom Paley with Barbara Lester and Ben Paley.

Title. year. Label.
Heartsease 1991  
Separate Ways 1993  

Collaboration - Tom Paley, John Cohen and Mike Seeger.

Title. year. Label.
Songs of the New Lost City Ramblers 2009Folkways 

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