Charlie Poole (1892 - 1931)

American banjo player, playing old-time and bluegrass.

Compilations - Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers.

Title.year.Label. Number
Old Time Songs - Recorded From 1925 to 19301965 County  505
[Reissue] 1993County Records 3501
Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers vol 41976   
Legend of Charlie Poole1968   
Charlie Poole 1926 - 301975   

Compilations - Charlie Poole and the Highlanders.

Charlie Poole and the Highlanders 1927 - 291971 

Compilations - Charlie Poole.

Title.year.Label. Number
You Ain't Talkin to me: Charlie Poole and the Roots of Country Music (3 CDs)2005   
With the North Country Ramblers and the Highlanders2004   
Legend of Charlie Poole, vol 31999   
Old Time Songs, Vol 1  - Recorded From 1925 to 19301993County Records  3501
Old Time Songs, Vol 2 - Old time Songs Recorded From 19261996 County Records3508
Old Time Songs  Recorded from 1925 to 19301994   

Anthologies - Various artists including Charlie Poole.

Title. year. Label. no.
Old Mountain2004 Living Era 

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