Truman Price and Jane Keefer

American duo, singing mainly traditional songs, related to Oregon. Also some tunes.


Songs and Tunes of The Oregon Trail2001Own label? TW CD3

Album tracks.

Songs and Tunes of the Oregon Trail Recorded ?2002. Running time ?? minutes ?? sec. Truman Price (vocals, fiddle), Jane Keefer (banjo, vocals, lap dulcimer), Mike Horner (guitar). 



1. Wait for the WagonBishop Berkeley, 1851
2. WagonerTrad
3. Uncle Sams FarmJesse Hutchinson, 1851
4. At The Foot of Yonder MountainTrad
5. Jordan is a Hard Road to TravelDan Emmett
6. Woody Knows NothingTrad
7. Frontier Irish Medley (Rosin the Bow/ Garry Owen/ The Rights of Man) (instr) Trad/ Trad/ Trad
8. Old Dan TuckerDan Emmett, 1842
9. Hard TimesTrad
10. The Girl I Left BehindTrad
11. Oh Susanna (Gold Rush version)Stephen Foster/Unknown
12. Spanish Fandango (instr)Trad/Trad
13. Western Country (Fly Away)Trad/Trad/Trad
14. Truth and Canoeing Medley (Blue Junianta/ Tombigbee River/ Paddle Your Own Canoe) Marion Sullivan 1844/ Steele and Winnemore 1847/ Harry Clifton 1867

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