Pete Seeger (b 1919)

American singer of American and British folksongs and contemporary song. Also some instrumentals on banjo.

(Pete is the half-brother of Mike Seeger and Peggy Seeger. Pete also recorded with The Almanac singers and The Weavers)

Songs of the Civil War - Vol I (*)1943Folkways5436
Lonesome Train (**)1943DeccaDL-5054 10*
America's Favourite Songs (***)1943-44Disc607
[partly re-issued as "Asch Recordings 1939-45, Vol 2"]1967Asch 
Songs for Victory (+)1943-44Stinson/Asch346
American Banjo1944Asch352
[Reissued as "Pete: Folk Songs and Ballads" with 4 extra cuts]1963StinsonSLP 90
Songs for Political Action (++)1946CIO - Political Action committee (PAC) 
Bawdy Ballads and Real Sad Songs (+++)1946-47Charter Records 
Roll the Union On (#)1947Asch370
Darling Corey1950FAFA 2003 10*
We Sing - Vol 11950MDH 
Lonesome Valley (recorded 1943-46)1951FolkwaysFA 2010
Songs To Grow On vol 2: School Days1951FolkwaysFC 7020
American Folk Songs for Children1953FolkwaysEPC 1-3 
A Pete Seeger Concert1953 - 54StinsonSLP 57
[Reissue] Everest RecordsFS 201
Pete Seeger Sampler1954FolkwaysFA2043
German Folk Songs1954Folkways FW6843
Goofing-Off Suite 1954Folkways FA2045
Frontier Ballads - vol 1 1954Folkways FA2175
Frontier Ballads, vol II 1954Folkways FA2176
Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes1954 FolkwaysFC7610
How To Play The Five String Banjo1954 FolkwaysF18203 
Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Bigger Fishes 1955Folkways FC 7611
The Folksinger's Guitar Guide, Vol 1: An Instruction Record1955Folkways FW6912
Bantu Choral Folk Songs 1955Folkways FW6912
Folksongs of Four Continents1955Folkways FW6911
Country Dance Music Washboard Band1956 FolkwaysFA2201
With Voices Together We Sing1956 FolkwaysFA2452
American Industrial Ballads1956 FolkwaysFH5251
[Reissued with a second CD] (2 CDs) 2008 Not Now Music 
Love Songs For Friends and Foes1956 FolkwaysFA2453 
Studs Terkel's Weekly Almanac on Folk Music Blues on WFMT1956Folkways FS3864
American Ballads 1957Folkways FA2319
American Favorite Ballads1957Smithsonian/ Folkways FA2320 
[Reissue]2002Smithsonian/ Folkways 
Jewish Children's Songs and Games1957 FolkwaysFC7224
Gazette with Pete Seeger - vol 1 1958FolkwaysFN2501
Song and Play Time With Pete Seeger 1958FolkwaysFC7526
American Playparties1959 FolkwaysFC 7604
Folk Songs for Young People1959 FolkwaysFC7532
American Favorite Ballads, Vol 21959Smithsonian/ Folkways FA2321 
[Reissue]2004Smithsonian/ Folkways 
Nonsuch1959 FolkwaysFA2439
American Favorite Ballads - Vol 3 (recorded 1959) 1960Folkways FA2322
Songs of the Civil War1960 FolkwaysFH5717
Hootenanny Tonight! (recorded 1954) 1959FolkwaysFN2511
Camp Songs (recorded 1955)1959 Folkways/Scholastic RecordsSC7628
Champlain Valley Songs1960 FolkwaysFH5210 
The Rainbow Quest1960 FolkwaysFA2454
Bill McAdoo Sings1960 FolkwaysFA2448
Old Time Fiddle tunes1960 FolkwaysFG3531
American Favorite Ballads, vol 41961Smithsonian/ Folkways FA2323 
Gazette - vol 21961 FolkwaysFN2502
Pete Seeger: Story Songs1961 ColumbiaCL1668 
[Reissued as "3 Saints, 4 sinners, and 6 Other People"] Odyssey 32-16-0266
American Favorite Ballads - vol 51962 FolkwaysFA2445
[Reissue]2009Smithsonian/ Folkways 
American Game and Activity Songs For Children1962 FolkwaysFC7674
[Reissue]1990 Smithsonian/FolkwaysSFW 45025
The Bitter and the Sweet (recorded 1962) 1963Columbia CL1916
Hootenanny 1963Prestige/Folklore 14020
Pete Seeger, Children's Concert at Town Hall 1963ColumbiaCS8747
[Reissue on CD]1990  
We Shall Overcome1963 ColumbiaCL2101
Broadside Ballads - Vol 2 (recorded 1963) 1965Broadside Records 302
[Reissued as "Little Boxes and Other Broadsides" with extra cuts] 1963Verve/Folkways FV/FVS9020
The Nativity 1963-64Folkways FT35001
Broadsides 1964Folkways FA2456
I Can See a New Day 1965Columbia CL2252
Wnew's Story of Selma 1965Folkways FH5595
Strangers and Cousins (recorded 1963/64) 1965Columbia CL2334
God Bless The Grass1966 ColumbiaCL 2432
[Reissue]1998 Folkways37232
Dangerous Songs!?1966 ColumbiaCL2503
SleepTime (recorded 1958)1967 FolkwaysFC7525
[Reissued as "Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs for children"]  FolkwaysFTS1500
Pete Seeger Sings Woody Guthrie1967 FolkwaysFTS31002
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy and Other Songs1967Columbia CL2705
[Reissue on CD]1994  
Traditional Christmas Carols1967 FolkwaysFA32311
Songs of Protest and Struggle 1930 - 1950 (recorded 1965) 1968Folkways FH5233
Pete Seger Sings Leadbelly1968Folkways FT31022
Pete Seeger Sings & Answers Questions at the Ford Hall Forum In Boston 1968BroadsideBRS502
Pete Seeger Now (recorded 1968)1969 ColumbiaCS9717
Pete Seeger Young Vs Old1971 ColumbiaCS9873
Ballads of Black America1972 VanguardVSD17/18
Rainbow Race1973 ColumbiaC30739
Clearwater (recorded 1969-74)1974 Sound House RecordsPS1001
Banks of Marble1974 FolkwaysFTS31040
Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street 1974Children's Records of America CTW22062
Fifty Sail on Newburgh Bay1976Folkways FH5257
Clearwater II (recorded 1969-77)1977Sound House RecordsSHR1022
Circles and Seasons1979 Warner BrothersBSK3329
Precious Friend1982 Warner Brothers2BSK
Sings Traditional Christmas Carols 1989   
Stories and Songs for Little Children 1994   
Sing Out1996  
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine1996  
A Link in the Chain1996  
American Folk, Game and Activity Songs for Children2000  
Brothers and Sisters2006  
At 892009 Appleseed 
Tomorrow's Children 2010Appleseed 
(* Pete Seeger with Tom Glazer, Baldwin Hawes and Bess Hawes)
(** Pete Seeger with Burl Ives, Earl Robinson and Raymond Johnson)
(*** Pete Seeger with Tom Glazer, Bess Lomax Hawes and Baldwin Hawes)
(+ The Union Boys; Tom Glazer, Pete Seeger, Burl Ives, Josh White)
(++ Pete Seeger with Tom Glazer, Lee Hays and Hallie Faulk)
(+++ Pete Seeger with Betty Sanders)


Yankee Doodle and Other Songs 1950sChildren's Record Guild 40018
Pete Seeger sings Folk Songs 1950sFolkways FEP1
Sea Chanties 1950sYoung People's Records 3 EPs
Almanac 1950sFolkways  
American Folksongs for Children 1963Folkways EPC 1-3
South African Freedom Songsmid-1950sFolkways EPC-601

Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes

Multi-volume albums.

Darling Corey & Goofing Off Suite 2004Smithsonian/ Folkways 40018
Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Fishes (Little and Big) (*)2009Smithsonian/ Folkways  
Rainbow Race/ Now/ Young Vs Old (2 CDs) 2009Omni  
(* "Birds, Beasts, Bugs and 
	Little Fishes" plus "Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Bigger Fishes")

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Hotenanny at Carnegie Hall (recorded 1958-59)1960FolkwaysFN2512
Highlights of Pete Seeger at the Village Gate with Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon - Vol 11960FolkwaysFA2450
Pete Seeger at the Village Gate - Vol 2 (recorded 1960)1962FolkwaysFA2451
Pete Seeger, Children's Concert at Town Hall 1963Columbia CS8747
The World of Pete Seeger1974 ColumbiaKG31949
Singalong: Live at Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 19801992 Smithsonian Folkways40027
Live in Lisbon (Ao Vivo Em Lisboa)2000  
In Prague 19642001  
Genius of Folk (live)2005 Genius of Folk 
Live in '65 (2 CDs)2009 Red House Records 


Title. year. Label. number
American History in Ballad and Songs - Vol 1, 21960-61 FolkwaysFH5801, 5802
Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits1967 ColumbiaCL2616
The Essential Pete Seeger (recorded 1950-74) 1978Vanguard 97/98
A Fish That's A Song1990  
Ao Vivo Em Lisboa2000  
Song and Play Time2001Smithsonian/ Folkways 
Greatest Hits2002 Columbia/ LegacyCK 65711
Pioneer of Folk: 20 Great Songs 2003Platinum 
If I Had a Hammer 1944 - 1950 2004Naxos Folk Legends 
The Essential Pete Seeger2005 Sony   
The Legend (3 CDs)2006 Cherished Classics 
Folk Songs, Ballads and Banjo (3 CDs) 2006Golden Stars 
We Shall Not Be Moved: 40 Original Recordings (2 CDs) 2006 Prism  
Brothers and Sisters (2 CDs) 2007Discmedi 
Talking Union? Folkways05285
[Reissue]2007 Xtra 
American Industrial Ballads? Smithsonian Folkways40058
[Reissue]2007 Not Now 
Banks of Marble and Other Songs ? Folkways31040
Broadside Ballads, Volume 2? Folkways05302
Broadsides ? Folkways02456
Gazette Volume 1? Folkways02501
Gazette Volume 2? Folkways02502
Headlines and Footnotes? Smithsonian Folkways40111
If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle 2009 Smithsonian Folkways40096
Sing Out With Pete!? Folkways02455
Sing Out! Hootenanny? Folkways02513
Sings and Answers Questions? Folkways05702
Sings Woody Guthrie ? Folkways31002
Wimoweh and Other Songs of Freedom and Protest ? Folkways31018
With Voices Together We Sing? Folkways02452
Una Leyenda2007   
American Folk Anthology2008 Not Now Music 
American Favorite Ballads (5 CDs) 2009 Folkways 


Harry Bridges/ Bab O'Mine1941Keynote Records304
Keep That Oil A-Rolling/ Boomtown Bill1942 Keynote Records 
Solidarity Forever (*)1945Stinson622
Mule Train1944Columbia Records?
Newspaperman/ Talking Atom1947-48 Encore Records 
Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase/ Skillet Good and Greasy/ T for Texas1948Charter RecordsC-500
Johnny I Hardly Knew You (**)1948 Charter RecordsC-500-A
Hallelujah, I'm a Travellin' Zhankoye (***) 1948Charter Records C-30-A
Black, Brown and White Blues (+) 1948Charter Records C-40-A
Death of Harry Simms/ Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues/ No Irish Need Apply1948 Charter RecordsC-45-B
Unemployment Compensation Blues (++) 1949Charter Records RC-1
Conversation with a Mule/ Farmer is the Man/ Join the Farmer's Union1949 Charter Records 
Utsu Eysa/ Schalome (***)1949 Charter Records 
Train to the Zoo Part I/ Part II 1949Children's Record Guild 
The Peekskill Story Part I/ Part II 1949Charter Records C-502
Dig My Grave/ Wasn't That a Time (+++) 1949Charter Records 503
The Hammer Song/ Banks of Marble 1949Hootenanny Records H-101
Talking Unamerican Blues (**) 1951Hootenanny Records H-103
(* The Union Boys: Tom Glazer, Burl Ives, Pete Seeger)
(** Seeger accompanies Betty Sanders)
(*** with the Berries)
(+ with the Berries, the Grays, Goodson & Vale)
(++ with Mario Cassetta)
(+++ The Weavers)

Collaboration - Big Bill Broonzy and Pete Seeger.

Big Bill Broonzy and Peter Seeger in Concert (*) 1965Verve FolkwaysFV9008 
(* Recorded 1956)

Collaboration - Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry.

Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry 1958FolkwaysFA2412

Collaboration - Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie.

Together in Concert 1975Warner Brothers2R2214 
[Reissue on CD]1999 ? 

Various artists - Tribute album: Cordelia's Dad, Billy Bragg, Eliza Carthy et al.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone:  The Songs of Pete Seeger 2001  
If I Had a Hammer: The Songs of Pete Seeger vol 2 2001Appleseed 1055
Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 32003 Appleseed1072

Anthology - Various artists including Tom Glazer, The Weavers and Pete Seeger.

Title. year. Label.
Rock The Institution: Songs of Rock 'n'Roll, Revolution , Hard Times and Heroes? Hammer and Motorcycle

Anthology - Various artists including Tom Glazer, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, Almanac Singers, Woody Guthrie, Josh White, Earl Robinson, the Union Boys, Brownie McGhee et al.

Title. year. Label. Number
The Little Red Box of Protest Songs (4 CDs) 2009 Proper PROPERBOX147


Title year. Label.
A Musical Journey (VHS) (*)1997 
Pete Seeger: Rainbow Quest (New Lost City Ramblers and Greenbriar Boys)2005  
Pete Seeger: Rainbow Quest (Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem)2005 
Pete Seeger: Rainbow Quest (Judy Collins, Elizabeth Cotton)2005 
Pete Seeger: Rainbow Quest (Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee) 2005 
How To Play the Five-String Banjo 2004 
Pete Seger: The Power of Song (Tribute concert - Joan Baez, Springsteen)2007 
The Power of Song (**)2008 

(* The Films of Pete, Toshi and Dan Seeger 1957 - 64. Featuring Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry, The McPeake Family, Pete Seeger and The Ellis Unit Work Gang)
(** Featuring Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan et al)

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