The Weavers

American group who were one of the earliest popular folk groups. Singing old-time country, blues and some traditional songs. Pete Seeger was a major solo performer.


The Weavers1949Charter Records (2 x 78s) 
Folk Songs of America and Other Lands1951 DeccaDL-5285
Best of the Weavers (re-releases and new recordings) 1959DeccaDL 8893
We Wish You a Merry Christmas1952 DeccaDL5373
American Folk Songs for Children1953 FolkwaysEPC 1-3 
The Weavers at Home1958 VanguardVSD2030
[Reissue]1959 VanguardVRS 9024
Folk Songs Around The World1959 DeccaDL 8909
Travelling on With The Weavers (recorded 1958)1959VanguardVRS 9043
Weavers Gold1971  
The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie1972  


Title. year. Label. number
The Weavers Songbag (recorded 1956-58)1967 Vanguard  SRV73001
The Weavers Greatest Hits (recorded 1956-58) 1972Vanguard VSD15116
[Reissue] 1984   
The Best of the Weavers 1977MCA MCAC2-4052
Weavers Classics 1987Vanguard D 26092
Wasn't That A Time! (4 CDs - Box Set) 1993 D 89799
Wasn't That A Time! (1 CD) 1999Half Moon 
Best of the Vanguard Years 2001Vanguard 78580-2
Hard, Ain't It Hard2007 Rev-Ola 

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Weavers at Carnegie Hall (live) (*)1957 Vanguard  VSD6533 
[Reissue]1957 VanguardVRS 9010
[Reissue]1957 VanguardAN 63-93
[Reissue]1988 VanguardVMD-73101
The Weavers at Carnegie Hall, vol 2 (live) 1960    
The Weavers at Carnegie Hall, 1963 (live) 1963    
The Weavers at Carnegie Hall, 1963 pt 2 (live) 1963    
The Weavers on Tour (live) (**)1957 VanguardVSD6537 
[Reissued]1965 Super MajesticBBH  1560
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (live) 1994    
At Carnegie Hall: The Legendary 1955 Recording 2006Rev-Ola 
(* Recorded December 1955)
(** Recorded 1956-58)

Anthology - The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Josh White, Woody Guthrie, Almanac Singers, Earl Robinson et al.
The Little Red Box of Protest Songs (3 CDS + DVD) 2009ProperPROPERBOX147 


Dig My Grave/ Wasn't That a Time 1949Charter Records 503
Around the World/ Tzena (Hebrew) 1950Decca 270533
Tzena (English)/ Goodnight, Irene1950 Decca27077
So Long/ Lonesome Traveller1950 Decca27376
Wreck of the "John B"/ The Roving Kind1950 Decca27332
Hush Little Baby/ Suliram/ I Know Where I'm Going1951 Decca27727 
On Top of Old Smokey/ The Wide Missouri1951 Decca27515
Frozen Logger/ Darling Corey1951 Decca27726
Follow the Drinking Gourd/ Easy Rider Blues 1951Decca 27728
When the Saints Go Marching In/ Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 1951Decca 27670
Jig Along Home/ Join into the Game1951 Decca88075
We Wish You a Merry Christmas/ Little Bitty Baby 1951Decca 27783
Go Tell It on the Mountain/ Poor Little Jesus1951 Decca27818
It's almost Day/ Burgundian Carol/ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1951Decca 27819
Wimoweh/ Old Paint 1952Decca27928
Around the Corner/ Gandy Dancer's Ball 1952Decca 29054
Hard Ain't It Hard/ Run Home to Mama 1952Decca 28228
Quilting Bee/ Bay of Mexico 1953Decca 28542
Clementine/ True Love 1952Decca 28434

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