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Collated from several sources, usually unsigned, and with some corrections. I have kept the source wording as much as possible. There are paragraphs here that I personally think are partially or completely nonsense.

1978 (AS 12/AS 13) October First discussions (at DEC) about forming SCA in Calgary
1979 (AS 13/AS 14)   First organizational meetings held. There are two independent groups, Montengarde and Mussenhitt, each unaware of the other at first. Though they are made up of very different people they share a common love for the ideas of the SCA. This will eventually lead to their unification down the road.
  January Stephen of Westmarch gets the SCA address and writes for information
  May Stephen of Westmarch gets an SCA membership and starts a membership drive

We get our first SCA handbooks (Fighter's and Herald's)

Some of us go to V-Con 7 and meet some outside SCA people

The forming SCA group contacts Bjorn
  August Pwyll appears on the scene
  September SCA group in formation starts meeting

Charles of Saxony and Co. show up here

It is resolved to move to West from Middle
  October Montengarde name and device adopted

NonCon II - our first contact with Borealis

Alasdair starts receiving the "Page" so we know what's going on in our region of Canada
  November Pwyll, his two dollies, and Stephen of Westmarch attend Borealis house revel, mostly harmless

Pwyll starts pushing "Greater Montengarde" scheme

Montengardians go to Lions Gate Baronial Banquet, we apply to join West, and Clinton War gets started
1980 (AS 14/AS 15)   Both Montengarde and Mussenhitt continue to grow and attract new members. "Non Taurus Est!" is adopted as Montengarde's motto after a duel with the College of Heralds over the precise nature of the principal charge on the Shire's Arms, the head of a Minotaur. It translates as: "That's no Bull!"

First appearance in local media, Macsen Aelian and Edward Ross on page 4 of the Sunday edition of the Calgary Albertan

Bjorn Isenkrammenhandler opens first Shire armoury
  January 6 Montengarde's first event, first Montengarde Twelfth Night - (autocrat Stephen)
  February Monthly revels begin at Sigrun's residence

Montengarde fighting practices begin

Alasdair becomes the first Montengardian to fight in a tournament, at Myrgan Wood

Montengarde New Branch Application sent off, to become a Shire of West Kingdom
  about March 1 St. David's Day event - (autocrat Stephen)
  May 1 May Day Dinner - (no autocrat)
  June Montengarde Mouthpiece begins publication, Darcy of Eagle's Crag first editor
  June 15 Borealis Medieval Days - considerable silliness, first Awards of Arms to Thorwulf Bjornsson and Darius Corvinus
  June 22 West Kingdom Crown, first Montengardians at a Crown event
  June 29 Montengarde's first tournament, first Midsummer feast, first Dragon Slayer Champion for Montengarde (Alasdair MacAuley), first champion for Mussenhitt (Pagan McPhee) - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  July Shire status granted
  August First Myrgan Wood Border War - First Montengarde fighters are warranted by Duke William the Lucky

Province dispute - Montengarde's first stand
  August 8-9 First Clinton War, fought for the "L" of it! [[ the missing "L" in Pwyll's name ]]
  about September 26 Michaelmas event - (autocrat Alasdair)
  October Mussenhitt All Hallows - really bad relations with fringe and Borealis
  about November 12 First Collegium Montengardorum, many instructors come out from Lions Gate - (autocrat Stephen)
1981 (AS 15/AS 16) about January 7 Second Montengarde Twelfth Night - (autocrat Rayatha, Stephen and Garrathe)
  about February 14 First Duke Paul of Bellatrix seminar, some political activities - (autocrat Stephen)
  May 1 First Grant of Arms for the arts: West Kingdom Rose Leaf to Bjorn lsenkrammenhandler
  about May 1 First Beltane event - (autocrat Morgwn)
  May 28 West Kingdom Grey Goose Shaft to Garrathe Ravenswood for excellence in bowmanship on the target range
  about June 22 Second Midsummer tourney and feast, first visit by Royalty (Prince Scellanus and Princess Maelen of An Tir) - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  August 1 First Peerage, First Peerage for arts: Laurel to Bjorn Isenkrammenhandler
  about August 9 Second Clinton War
  September Alasdair moves to Lions Gate, Raibearst becomes seneschal
  September 6 First Grant of Arms for service: West Kingdom Leaf of Merit to Reanna Wheatenfeld
  about October 31 Sigrun and Macsen's Wedding - (autocrat Ross and Laurel)
  November 28 First Olde Nazgul Tavern, with Macsen and his man Friedrich von Nagold, birth of The "Green Edward" - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  mid December Boffing in the Snow - (autocrat Morgwn)
1982 (AS 16/AS 17)   Montengarde absorbs the last elements of Mussenhitt, members of Mussenhitt become outstanding members and officers for the Shire. The group continues to grow, Cable 10 shoots a half hour special with the group directing and producing. The first of the Glenbow Museum demos.

First Kingdom officer: Garrathe Ravenswood, Royal Archer
  about January 6 Third Montengarde Twelfth Night - (autocrat Rayatha and Stephen)
  February Myrgan Wood moves to Baronial status
  about February 14 Second Duke Paul of Bellatrix seminar - (autocrat Stephen)
  about May 1 Second Beltane event - (autocrat Morgwn)
  May First Ithra in Montengarde, Laurel Venustas di Firenze becomes first Deputy Chancellor - (autocrat Stephen)

First of the fabled post revels hosted by Father Christopher, this tradition will carry on for many years
  June 12 First Regional Theme event, the Gull Lake War Games, intended to become the rallying point for what is hoped will one day become a Principality, first visit of a King (Manfred Kreigstrieber), first An Tir Grant of Arms for service: Order of the Goutte de Sang to Stephen of Westmarch - (autocrats Thorwulf Bjornsson and Guy de Montferrat (Borealis))
  about June 19 Montengarde army distinguishes itself at Salmon War
  about June 26 Third Midsummer tourney and feast - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  mid-July Olde Nazgul Tavern - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  about August 1 Third Clinton War
  August First Sergeant of Lions Gate in Montengarde: Macsen Aelian

Sergeants' scandal

Myrgan Wood fiasco
  about September 25 Michaelmas event - (autocrat Raibearst, Florine, Garrathe and Sandy)
  mid-December Boffing in the Snow - (autocrat Richard, Sigrun and Macsen)
1983 (AS 17/AS 18)   Montengarde continues to grow and prosper. Several of its members become very well known at Kingdom core, travelling great distances in order to experience the SCA and to promote their home group. Locally the group works hard to establish itself in the greater community, performing numerous demos and participating in the annual 10th Street Fair.

Creation of the "Household of the Milked Bull", the first great party / bad boy household, later the founders would be known as Sir Wulfhere the Capacious, Master/Sir Aethelhere the Unsteady, and Baron/Master/Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson.
  about January 6 Fourth Montengarde Twelfth Night - (autocrat Rayatha and Stephen)
  about February 14 First St. Valentine's - (autocrat Nest)
  about March 1 St. David's Day event - (autocrat Morgwn and Lynette)
  mid-March Nazgul by the Sea tavern - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
  March Raibearst resigns as seneschal amidst heavy controversy
  about May 1 Third Beltane event - (autocrat Garrathe and Darcy)
  late May Second Ithra - (autocrat Stephen)
  about June 22 Fourth Midsummer tourney and feast - (autocrat Sigrun and Macsen)
1984 (AS 18/AS 19)   "Erik the Tent" is built, this pavilion is created by Richard de Hargreave, Roland the Savage and others. It becomes the central gathering point for the group at many gatherings. This is also the year that witnessed the great trebuchet contest at Clinton, the entry built by Richard de Hargreave and his team explodes its way into Montengarde history.

Kuanby'r's travelling kitchen.
  January 14 First An Tir Grant of Arms for the arts: Jambe de Lion to Reanna Wheatenfeld
  May 26-27 First Grand Ithra held in Montengarde, with attendees from all over the Northwest.
  June The Gull Lake War Games are moved to Sylvan Lake
  August Montengarde wins Clinton War for first time! [[ Note that Stephen's history puts this in 1982 ]]
  September Montengarde hosts the first Crown Tourney to be held in the region on the September long weekend, Count Sir Torgul and Erin are the victors - (autocrat Garrathe Ravenswood and Darcy of Eagle's Crag)
1985 (AS 19/AS 20)   First murmuring for Baronial status begin. The group has grown, there is a lot of pride and a strong sense of identity. Thorwulf and Sapphira begin circulating a petition amongst the populace in order to establish how much support there is for the idea. The support turns out to be overwhelming. The first Althing is called and the decision is made to go for Baronial status. Edward Ross and Mistress Laurel Venustas di Firenze are put forward as the proposed Barony's first Baronial couple.

Sadly Clinton Castle is destroyed by fire during the winter.

Laurel Venustas di Firenze is named first Chancellor of Ithra in Montengarde. With this appointment we are no longer required to import a Chancellor from the coast.

William the Far Traveller brings his travelling armoury to Montengarde.
  January 12 First Peerage for service: Pelican to Laurel Venustas di Firenze. (note: a very busy year for Laurel)
  August First Yeomen of Lions Gate in Montengarde: Richard de Nadan de Alaedo, Darcy of Eagle's Crag, and Thorvald Grimsson
1986 (AS 20/AS 21)   The name "Avacal" is selected for our region. A device, the gryphon, is chosen for Avacal's future arms. The drawing of 'Fluffy' for the first heraldic submission was made by William Edwin de Gisors (Thorwulf Bjornsson). The later drawing, the one in use today, was made by Reanna Wheatenfeld and was, in Thorwulf's words, "a far better rendering done in her amazing style".

Montengarde hosts the first Avacal Champions Tourney, Thorwulf Bjornsson, Sapphira of Sherwood and James de Orleans are the autocrats. The tourney ends in a draw, Aethelhere and Edward Sterling of Borealis share the duty of Champion for the region.

The Bull and Brass Handles Tavern is first opened by Meinward Wighelm (there seems to be some connection between being Crown Principality Knight Marshal and being a tavern owner). "Bloody Brass Handles" sung for the first time.

Several of our members travel to participate in Expo 86 demos in Vancouver BC.

First Sergeant of Montengarde: Thorwulf Bjornsson

First Baronial Champion of Armoured Combat, Order of the Dragon Slayer; Aethelhere the Unsteady
  January 11 Montengarde travels to Kingdom Twelfth Night by bus and is elevated to Barony! Edward Ross and Laurel Venustas di Firenze are created founding Baron and Baroness.
1987 (AS 21/AS 22)   Montengarde's Twelfth Night becomes the largest event in the region and a focal point for the 'fledgling' that would one day become the Principality of Avacal.

First Baronial Champion of the arts: Order of the Emerald Rose to Randwulf Aylen

First Baronial Champion of service: Order of the Minotaur's Chain to Roland the Savage

First Champion of arrows: Order of the Dragon Blinder to Thorvald Grimsson
  August Baron Edward becomes known as the great War Monger! Though we win the field battles at Clinton we lose on points overall.
  September 6 First Peerage for combat: Knight to Aethelhere the Unsteady
1988 (AS 22/AS 23) July 2 First double peers: Edward Ross, Aethelhere the Unsteady, and Thorvald Grimsson
  August Montengarde fields its largest ever 'natives only' army at Clinton and once again proves victorious over the forces of Lions Gate.
1989 (AS 23/AS 24)   The Minotaur's tenth birthday, celebrated with a lot of travel and a lot of recognition for many of our members.

Montengarde is the largest group in the region and is also the most active. Ithras are very well attended with instructors coming in from all over the Kingdom. Some refer to this as the "Golden Age" of Ross and Laurel.

First member named to the SCA Board of Directors: Ragnar the Bold.
1990 (AS 24/AS 25)   The group continues to prosper with many new faces filling our ranks. Some old timers fade away, but many of the original members still show up for the larger events such as Dragonslayer and Twelfth Night.
1991 (AS 25/AS 26)   Montengarde becomes the sponsor group for the Incipient Shire of Loch D'Orr, which begins a long friendship between the two groups. New faces include Hrothgar and Osric, two individuals who will have a great impact on the group. It is also a year of tragedy as we bid farewell to her Ladyship Denewynn von Alsenz, Montengarde's much loved seneschal, who succumbs to a stroke. Her lord, Graham McRaurie, leaves to travel the world and eventually settles in England.

Ithra holds its first annual set of classes in Loch D'Orr.

Avacal is made a Crown Principality.
1992 (AS 26/AS 27)   A year of great change in the Barony begins, a series of Althings are held through the summer to decide on the mechanism that will be used to select a new Baron and Baroness as Sir Edward and Mistress Laurel choose to step down. It is a tense time, a time of new beginnings for the group. By the end of the third Althing the polling process is in place, and those wishing to put their names forward are encouraged to do so.
Master Thorvald Grimsson and Enid ferch Rhodri are selected by the Crown from amongst those who do.
  June 20 First Knighting to occur at a local event: Wulfhere the Capacious
  July First Champion of sword for the Crown Principality of Avacal to come from Montengarde: Sergeant Eric the Trespasser.
1993 (AS 27/AS 28)   At Montengarde Baronial Twelfth Night, Thorvald and Enid become the second Baron and Baroness of Montengarde by the hand of their dread Majesties Barak and Lao. Sir Edward and Mistress Laurel are made Baron and Baroness of the Court of An Tir, the first time this recognition is granted to anyone from Montengarde.

The incipient Shire of Loch D'Orr takes its place as a full Shire.

To the North, Avacal has its first native King and Queen as Rorik and Helena take the thrones of An Tir.

For the second time, a Championship is shared in the Barony when the honour of the Order of the Emerald Rose is bestowed upon Bronwen of Carcassonne and Anastasia de Vaucouleurs.
  January 30 First Order of the Laurel to be created at a local event: Sapphira of Sherwood
1994 (AS 28/AS 29)   Known by some as the "Year of the Turnip", to the great shock of the Barony and in what some deem as a fit of madness Baron Thorvald shaves his beard. The entire saga is well documented in that champion of journalism "The French Tickler".

Hrothgar receives his honorific of "Bearcrusher" when he inadvertently drops a tent on her Royal Highness Berengaria, who sat with Rorik during his second reign.

After many years Montengarde withdraws from being a principal at Clinton war, the needs of the fledging Principality, and the strain on the group's volunteer pool require it to concentrate its resources closer to home.
1995 (AS 29/AS 30)   The Barony begins the process to select a new Baron and Baroness. Ilka of Toftgaard and Leena Steinstriker are selected.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Derek the Exile and Thorwulf Bjornsson, Montengarde joins with the Barony of Sentinels' Keep in the Kingdom of Artemisia to host the first Gryphon's Fury War. This event will become the premier fighting event in the region. It is a war fought in celebration of the founding principles of combat within the SCA. "The sky is blue, the grass is green and there is someone who inspires us to deeds of glory." There are no war points, instead one lucky individual gets bestowed with the honour of the Embalmed Gryphon and serves a year as the event's "official ambassador".

Members of the group living in the area around the town of Okotoks, begin forming the Barony's first Canton, 'Big Rock'. Erik the Trespasser's dog is proposed as its first seneschal.

This is also the year the College of Patiendi Patienter forms on the U of C campus, its most famous son is perhaps Don Thore de Bethune.

Cattea the Studious begins to play her drum.
1996 (AS 30/AS 31)   Avacal is made a full Principality.

Due to personal matters, Ilka and Leena step down from the position of Baron and Baroness. After eight months in which Murchad acts as Castellan for the group, Thorwulf and Sapphira step up to wear the mantle of the Minotaur. They are given the Coronets by King Thorin and Queen Sinedin at the Principality of Avacal's first Coronet tourney; Thorwulf Bjornsson, Derek the Exile and James de Orleans are the Autocrats; Duke Rorik and Gwendelyn are the victors.

First Baronial rapier Champion: Dragon Blade to Thore de Bethune. First Baronial thrones and dais are built. Five new Baronial awards are created: Heart of the Minotaur, Horns of the Minotaur, Rose Petal, Golden Link, and Standard Bearer.

The Baronies of Montengarde and Sentinels' Keep become sister Baronies.
1997 (AS 31/AS 32)   The First Montengarde Tavern nights are held, hosted by Cattea the Studious, these taverns will become a major foundation stone for the Barony, being held regularly on the fourth Thursday of every month for years to come.

First Prince and Princess of Avacal to call Montengarde home: Sir Vik and Ceridwyn.
  May 18 First Order of the White Scarf is awarded jointly to: Thore de Bethune and Rodrigo Viola de Navarre.
1998 (AS 32/AS 33)   Again Montengarde goes through the process of selecting a new Baron and Baroness. Halfdane Eastborn and Cattea the Studious are selected.

With the arrival of Dalton and House Ice Tiger, there is a complete rebirth of target archery. Dalton creates excitement and brings new life to a part of the game that is on life support at best. Over the next few years his leadership and instruction gives rise to a whole new generation of Archers. His efforts are rewarded when he, along with two of his students, capture three of the top four positions within the Kingdom rankings for longbow two years hence.

Thanks to Cattea the Studious, Sine Peregrina and others, the bards of Montengarde become well known throughout the Principality and beyond.

First Gallant of Montengarde: Gilbert de Haute Souris is sworn in by Baroness Sapphira of Sherwood.

First group citation for excellence given out to the Household of Starshine Keep for their outstanding service to the Baronial Coronet throughout their reign.
  October First visit to Montengarde by the SCA Board of Directors as the Barony hosts the October meeting for 1998.
1999 (AS 33/AS 34)   In this the 20th anniversary year of the founding of Montengarde Halfdane Eastbourne and Cattea the Studious step up at Montengarde Twelfth Night and receive the Baronial Coronets from King Aveloc and Queen Laurellan. As their last act as Baron and Baroness, Thorwulf and Sapphira read out the scroll that was the petition presented by the Shire of Montengarde and submitted to the Crown of An Tir 13 years earlier to have itself raised to the status of Barony. As they called out the names of those who had signed that petition the gentles present in the hall came forward to take their place beside them at the dais, there was a goodly number. Then on bended knee they asked their Majesty's to correct a slight oversight made by their illustrious ancestors. And so it was Aveloc and Laurellan 35th King and Queen of An Tir signed, retroactively, into existence the Barony of Montengarde on behalf of Arthur and Melissa 9th King and Queen of An Tir.

The incipient Canton of Harrows Cross comes into existence.

Together Baron Halfdane and Baroness Cattea bring a whole new dimension to the Minotaur Coronet as they are both accomplished bards, Cattea's voice and drum along with Halfdane's flutes and whistles will become mainstays of the Barony and greatly enhance the quality of the 'Dream' for everyone.

Cattea also works hard to rebuild interest in the rank of Sergeants, building on the work of her predecessors.
2000 (AS 34/AS 35)   Montengarde is asked to return as a Principal at Clinton War.

Because of the Forest fire situation in Montana Gryphon's Fury War 6 is cancelled. It will return the next year with a vengeance.

Halfdane and Cattea travel extensively, promoting the group and the SCA.

The Legion of the Minotaur comes into existence.
2001 (AS 35/AS 36)   After a complete reworking of the polling process and scrapping the old term system, Montengarde again goes through the process of finding a new Baron and Baroness. In October, it is announced Baron Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson and Her Ladyship Sine Peregrina will step up at the following Twelfth Night.

Montengarde stands victorious once again on the fields of Clinton, where with the overwhelming support of the archers the Minotaur will once again rise up to defeat the forces of Lions Gate, spoiling that Barony's 25th anniversary celebration.

This event also marks the birth of 'Da Union', a group dedicated to the advancement of archery within Montengarde and beyond. This year also marks the raising of Harrows Cross to Shire status.

The First Child of the Minotaur is bestowed upon Her much loved Ladyship Audette des Grenouilles as her job takes her away to far off Ansteorra. She is renowned as the "Mad Tatter" and for her love of little green amphibians.
2002 (AS 36/AS 37)   Baron Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson and Her Ladyship Sine Peregrina step up as Baron and Baroness at Twelfth Night.

Tavern has a name, The Drum and Whistle, in honour of the work of Baron Halfdane and Baroness Cattea.
2003 (AS 37/AS 38)   Baron Thorwulf and Baroness Sine create a new Baronial Order, the Torse of the Minotaur, and presented the first (and only) award to Michael O'Byrne at Montengarde's Twelfth Night festivities.
2004 (AS 38/AS 39)   Baron Thorwulf and Baroness Sine stepped down on January 6, 2004. Thorvald Grimsson appointed as Castellan.
  June 5 His Lordship Malabar Membro Speccata and Her Ladyship Hero the Responsible are invested at June Coronet as the seventh Baron and Baroness of Montengarde by the hand of Their Highnesses Murchad and Morrigan, with King Skapti Ravensfury overseeing the pageantry.
2005 (AS 39/AS 40)   Nothing happened?
2006 (AS 40/AS 41) June Baron Malabar and Baroness Hero announced to the Barony their intention to step down from the Thrones of the Minotaur after a fruitful and happy 2-year reign.
2007 (AS 41/AS 42) January 20 At Montengarde Twelfth Night, Beothuk of the Beothuks and Wilma the Still were invested by Their Highnesses Wernar and Tatianna as Montengarde's 8th Baronial couple. New wooden travel thrones were made by HL Stanislav the Gatherer.
2008 (AS 42/AS 43)   Montengarde has a new Baronial Pavilion, purchased from Panther Pavilions. Its first event was Dragonslayer, and was used for court, classes, and revelry.

Montengarde was host of Avacal's Quad War; a team, known as the Quad Squad, was assembled to run this large event.

Montengarde to host An Tir Crown.
2009 (AS 43/AS 44) May Montengarde hosts An Tir May Crown! The Barony won the bid to host this prestigious Kingdom event and we were doubly proud to host Their Majesties Vik and Inga (from nearby Borealis) and the Kingdom of An Tir for the choosing of the heirs to the Lion Thrones of An Tir. Their Excellencies Cedric and Elizabeth were the victors from a list of 68 combatants. Nicknamed "Wind Crown", Montengarde's volunteer spirit was strong and the Minotaur's children worked together joyfully and can be justly proud of their efforts.




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