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   Translations of old cookbooks:

  • In progress: Ouverture de Cuisine, my English translation of a Belgian French cookbook of 1604
  • Cocboeck, my rough English translation of a Dutch cookbook 1593

  • A CORRECTION for Scully's The Viandier of Taillevent 1988: On page 111, Scully dropped a phrase. His second VAT line should read "puis cousez la fente et mettez en rost, et bacinez a la cuillier, en tournant le rost, de vinaigre et de bon". My English translation of the recipe is here (recipe 36).


  • Veal Ragout, a recipe based on Le Viandier de Taillevent

   Original songs:

  • Cotter's Lament, words by Nancy Niles (Reanna Wheatenfeld) 1987 and music by James Prescott (Thorvald Grimsson) 1988
  • Sing An Tir the Bold, words by James Prescott (Thorvald Grimsson) and Richard Fietz (Richard de Nadan de Alaedo) 1982
  • For This Be Avacal, words by Douglas Shore (Douglas Cameron of Skye) 1987 and music by James Prescott (Thorvald Grimsson) 1988

   Translations of songs:

  • Le Déserteur, my English translation of a French song written by Boris Vian 1954
  • On another site: Geyer, my English translation of a German folk song about the Peasant's Revolt of 1525, written by Heinrich von Reder (words) 1885 and Fritz Sotke (music) l919

   An adjusted song:

   Writings about folk music:

   Carolling Party Songbook:

  • This is a PDF file: Carolling Party Songbook (opens new window), the songbook that we use for my annual Christmas carolling, during which we walk through the neighbourhood for a couple of hours singing carols (** this is the large-format version, rather than the smaller booklet version)

   Dance choreography:

  • Nonesuch, an improved choreography for the dance Nonesuch

   Fragments of fiction:

  • Two related stories
  • Home Coming, a prose poem about Thorvald returning to Iceland

   Other items:

  • Le Dixième Sanitaire, a poem written by my great-uncle, Eric Mason, who was a medical orderly in the British Army in World War I

   Sewing project:

  • [costume] A 1360's English particoloured outfit in wool and silk, made by me, almost all hand-sewn, with cotton hose.

   Writings about archery and the physics of archery:

I was very active in combat archery in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) for over two decades, and for some years continued to be involved in studying the safety and physics of the sport. Combat archery involves firing a blunted arrow at my friends, and being shot at by them. Making sure that this is safe (leaves only occasional bruises) is important. I have studied and written extensively about the subject. I have an external ballistics program for arrows and crossbow bolts which takes into account aerodynamic drag, including the effects of angled fletching and projectile rotation. Before I became interested in combat archery, I was interested in the external and terminal ballistics of naval guns and shells, so there's a continuity of experience. Here are some of my writings, to which I will add as time allows.

  • Bruising and SCA Missile Combat, an article by James Prescott (Thorvald Grimsson) and Gary Renshaw (Garrathe Ravenswood) discussing the relationship between bruising from blunted arrows and bruising from blunted javelins
  • This is a PDF file: An analysis of crossbow data (opens new window), a paper presenting an analysis of crossbow bolt impact data gathered by Eli White (Siegfried Sebastian Faust) in April 2003 using volunteer human targets (** this is a new and probably final version dated 2005-November-02)
  • External Ballistics Calculations, pseudo-code for the external ballistics program, of interest to someone wishing to create their own external ballistics program
  • Planned: an article on the psychology, biomechanics, and physics of perceived missile impact
  • Planned: an article on the physics of bows and arrows
  • Planned: an article discussing why crossbow bolts might have a greater perceived impact than arrows
  • Planned: an article on the SCA combat benefits of lighter arrows as compared to heavier arrows
  • Planned: an article on slings and atlatls
  • Planned: an article on measuring the relative energy of a missile using vertical flight time
  • Planned: an article on using simple range and time measurements and an external ballistics program to determine coefficient of drag
  • Planned: an article on the physics of siege engine missiles
  • Planned: an article speculating on a possible new theoretical contribution to terminal ballistics
  • Thorvald Grimsson is sometimes misspelled Thorvald Grimmson

   Society for Creative Anachronism:


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