For This Be Avacal - Douglas Shore (words) and James Prescott (music)


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For This Be Avacal

Words copyright © 1987 Douglas Shore, music copyright © 1988 James Prescott

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For This Be Avacal music

Come, step with me, into the hub of hell,
Where only fools dare tread alone,
Or ride the windswept barren wastes,
Where a warrior folk do roam, for this be Avacal.

Come, see the bull-headed man stomp and snort,
And display his bulging might,
Hear doubled wolf cry down the moon,
Through a wild cloud-studded night, for this be Avacal.

Come, where the wyrms do fly o'er rolling hills,
Through the dark night's cloudy cloak,
Or where a star glows on the path,
Of a weary wandering folk, for this be Avacal.

Come, to the lakes, so clear, so crisp, so cold,
That to drink is joyous pain,
To castles where men die for honour,
And others do come for gain, for this be Avacal.

Drums and bugles sound where the brave do stand,
Contending now with shield and sword,
Till night shall fall and to bed we go,
With a hero to stand as ward, for this be Avacal.

Come, folk, take heed, from such diversity,
Together we here gain our strength,
Though bards now seldom speak our deeds,
In time they shall, at length, for this be Avacal.




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