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In the Rain

Words and music copyright © 1964 James Prescott.

Score corrected, and refrain added, in 2020.

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In the Rain music

John and Sally in the lane,
What ya playing in the rain?
You killed the cat, and now it's dead,
The blood is oozing from its head.

    Refrain: Ah - ah - ah.

He had a home and a family,
He had been living peaceably;
They tortured him 'cause he was black,
Then tied him to the railroad track.

Landlady was a widow old,
Kept her cash in a sock, I'm told;
The boarder robbed her to buy a drink,
And the cop game him a wink.

On the beach down by the sea,
They beat a p'liceman terribly,
And no one there would lend a hand,
And so he died there on the sand.

In the land was civil war,
The army came and broke his door,
He would not fight for them that year --
He was shot to make others fear.

She was elected by the town,
She was their mayor but she let them down;
She stole the tax, and soon was rich,
While the poor lay in the ditch.

He had a hatred long and deep,
It warped his mind, he could not sleep;
He hated those who did not believe,
That out of Adam was created Eve.

There's not much hope for all mankind
As long as man has a sinful mind;
But I know that if we try,
We will be better by and by.




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