Order of the Grey Goose Shaft of Avacal


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The Order of the Grey Goose Shaft was begun in West Kingdom. Garrathe Ravenswood from Montengarde was elevated to the Order in 1981. An Tir decided to resurrect the order in 1990, and obtained permission from West Kingdom to use the name. Avacal has now obtained permission to use the variant name "The Order of the Grey Goose Shaft of Avacal". Members of the An Tir order who were residents of Avacal when Avacal became a kingdom in June 2015 are now members of the Avacal order.



Companions of the Order in Avacal



Local Group

Garrathe Ravenswood 1981-May-28 Montengarde
Thorvald Grimsson 1990-Jul-21 Montengarde
Dalton Arundel
(Order of Sagittarius, East) *
1992-Jan-25 Montengarde
Douglas Cameron of Skye 1997-Aug-30 Bitter End
Michael Seamus O'Byrne 2003-Mar-01 Montengarde
Malabar Membro Spaccata 2005-Nov-26 Montengarde, now Sigelhundas
Deicyn Moel 2007-Jul-21 Vinjar, now Borealis
Ellias Silver 2009-Jan-17 Montengarde
Gareth Stringbreaker 2010-Jan-16 Montengarde, now Lions Gate
Argento Brunkell 2011-Jun-18 Montengarde
Markus Pheilsmid 2012-Jul-21 Cold Keep
Baldric of Newte Leez 2013-Aug-03 Borealis
Bushra al Jazerii el Nahr
Morrigan Bushra Clubfoot
2014-Feb-02 Montengarde
Adam of the Wood 2015-Nov-21 Myrgan Wood
Rhona of Montengarde 2016-Jul-02 Montengarde
Henry of Bohemia 2016-Oct-08 Montengarde
Timothy of Sherwood 2016-Nov-05 Montengarde
Quon Jien 2016-Nov-05 Montengarde
Osric Fletcher 2016-Nov-05 Montengarde
Matteao of Myrgan Wood 2017-Nov-18 Myrgan Wood
Hjalti inn Undarligr Vikingr 2018-Dec-08 Borealis
Tonis van Hoorn 2019-Mar-23 Montengarde
Ayame Houjou 2022-July-02 Myrgan Wood
Uli Adamsson 2024-Mar-16 Borealis



* Members of Equivalent Orders from other Kingdoms who are residents of Avacal may participate in all activities of the Order as if they were Companions of the Order. The kingdoms of An Tir, Avacal, Atlantia, Aethelmearc, and Lochac have similar lists of Equivalent Orders. This is not directly a treaty, but is very similar in effect.


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