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Ballinasloe Fair1998Traditional CrossroadCD 4284

Ballinasloe Fair - Edited by Mick Moloney. Running time 62 minutes 53 seconds. Recordings not dated, but probably 1920 - 1930. Issued 1998. The recordings are transfers from 78's from the Victor labels. Some tracks have background voices.



AuthorOriginal Record No
1. One, Two, ThreePackie Dolan (1904 - 1932) (vocal) and the Melody Boys.?V29005B
2. Ricket's Hornpipe/ The Stack of Barley (instr)Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band.V29011b
3. Let Mr. McGuire Sit DownDinny (Jimmy) Doyle (vocals)?V29016B
4. The Mason's Apron (instr)Frank Murphy (melodeon).TradV29008B
5. Killarney/ Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (instr) John Sheridan (1899 - 1943) (flute), unidentified piano Trad/ Moore V29017A
6. The Floggin' Reel/ Miss McLeod's (instr) Neil Nolan (banjo) and Dan Sullivan (piano). Trad V29000B
7. The Lady of the House/ Ballinaslow Fair (instr) Packie Dolan (fiddle) and The Melody Boys. Trad/ Trad V29005A
8.The Jackets Green John Sheridan (button accordeon). Recorded in Dublin 18th June 1931 Ballard V29017B
9. Rakes of Clonmel (instr) Frank Murphy (melodeon), unidentified piano Trad V29008A
10. Polkas (instr) Murty Rabbett (piccolo), unidentified piano. Trad V29030B
11. Tommy Murphy was a Soldier Boy Dinny (Jimmy) Doyle (vocals) and Larry Griffin (piano). ? V29016A
12. The Boys of the Lough/ The Teetotaler (instr) Neil Nolan (banjo) and Dan Sullivan (piano). unidentified voices. Trad/ Trad V29000A
13. A Drink in the Morn Packie Dolan (vocals) and the Medley Boys (fiddle, piano) ? V29034A
14. The Donkey Murty Rabbett (vocals, piccolo) and Dan Sullivan (piano). ? V29036A
15. Rodney's Glory (instr) Mike (fiddle) and Connie (accordion) Hanafin. Trad V29032A
16. My Gray Haired Irish Mother John McGettigan (vocals, fiddle) and his Irish Minstrels (fiddle, banjo, piano) ? V29061B
17. Johnny Will You Marry Me Murty Rabbett (vocals, piccolo) and Dan Sullivan (piano), unidentified accordion, banjo.  ? V29038A
18. Molly Durkin Murty Rabbett (vocals, piccolo), unidentified piano. Trad V29036B
19. Touhey's Favourite/ Lamb on the Mountain (instr) Michael Cashin (fiddle), unidentified piano, piccolo Trad/ Trad V29037A
20. Miller's Reel/ Duffy the Dancer (instr) Neil Nolan (banjo), unidentified piano Trad/ Trad V29039B

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