Albion Band

English Folk-Rock band playing traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals. Many changes in line-up over 25 years.

(Ashley Hutchings has recorded with Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, The Etchingham Steam Band, The Ridgeriders, Chris Leslie, Ray Fisher, The Kipper Family, Steve Ashley and Rainbow Chasers. Richard Thompson has recorded with Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, Ashley Hutchings, John Kirkpatrick, the group called 'French Frith, Kaiser and Thompson', The Golden Palaminos, The GPs, The Bunch, Danny Thompson, with his wife as 'Richard and Linda Thompson', Philip Pickett, Robert Plant, JJ Cale, Bonnie Raitt, Chris Leslie and as solo artist.)
(Shirley Collins (also known as Shirley Hutchings) has recorded with Dolly Collins, Davy Graham, The Young Tradition and solo.)
(John Kirkpatrick has recorded with Steeleye Span, Martin Carthy, Brass Monkey, Umps and Dumps, Gerry Rafferty, Frankie Armstrong and solo.)
(John Tams has recorded with The Home Service, and solo.)
(Phil Pickett has recorded with Musicians Of The Globe, The New English Consort, and Richard Thompson.)
(Graeme Taylor has recorded with Gryphon, Home Service, John Kirkpatrick and John Tams.)
(Martin Carthy has recorded with Steeleye Span, Brass Monkey, and solo.)
(Simon Nicol has also recorded with Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and Chris Leslie. (Michael Gregory has also recorded with the New Scorpion Band, Fuchsia and Greenhouse Band.)
(Ric Sanders has recorded with June Tabor, Fairport Convention, Gordon Giltrap and Chris Leslie.)
(Shirley Collins and Ashley Hutchings have recorded with the Etchingham Steam Band)
(Alan Prosser and Ian Telfer have recorded with the Oyster Band)
(Howard Evans has recorded with Brass Monkey)
(Chris Leslie has recorded with Fairport Convention and solo)
(Phil Beer has recorded with Show of Hands)
(Ken Nicol has recorded with Ashley Hutchings, Steeleye Span and solo)
(Chris While has recorded with Edward II, e2K, Show of Hands and Tickled Pink)
(Many other famous artists have recorded with Albion as guests)
(Additional Albion tracks were released on the series of albums called "The Guv'nor" by Ashley Hutchings)
(The name "Albion" was first used for the band that accompanied Shirley Collins on her album "No Roses". Since then the name has varied (Albion Country Band; The Albion Dance Band; The Albion Band))


Battle of the Field (recorded 1973)1976 IslandHELP 25
[reissue]1976 IslandORL8392
[reissue]1976 AntillesAN 7027
[reissue]1997BGO BGOCD 354
The Prospect Before Us1977EMI HarvestSHSP 4059
[reissue]1983EMI HarvestCDEMS 1476
[reissue][with bonus tracks]1993 HannibalHNCD 1403
[reissue]2000BGO BGOCD 486
Rise Up Like The Sun1978EMI HarvestSHSP 4092
[reissue][France] 1978EMI Harvest 06612
[reissue][with bonus tracks]1992EMI Harvest0777 7 80058 2
[reissue][with bonus tracks]2003Fledg'ling FLED 3040 
Lark Rise To Candleford1980 CharismaCDS 4020 
[reissue][CD]1991 CharismaCDSCD 4020
[reissue]2006Talking ElephantBOOOG04UZ0
Light Shining1982 AlbinoALB 001 
Shuffle Off1983 SpindriftSPIN 103 
[Re-issued as "Dancing Days are Here Again"] (*) 2007Talking ElephantTECD106A&B
Under The Rose1984 SpindriftSPIN 110
Stella Maris1987 Making WavesSPIN 130
The Wild Side of Town1987 Celtic MusicCM 042
I Got New Shoes (LP)1988 SpindriftSPIN 132
I Got New Shoes (CD)1988 SpindriftSPINCD132
Young Love on the Dance Floor (EP) 1988Making WavesSPINT32
Give Me a Saddle I'll Trade You A Car1989 Topic12TS454
19901990 Topic12TS457
Songs From the Shows Vol 1 (cassette)1990 AlbinoALB003
[Reissue]1992 Road Goes On ForeverRGF CD006
Songs From the Shows Vol 2 1991 AlbinoALB005
[Reissue]1992 Road Goes On ForeverRGF CD007
The Unreleased Radio Tapes (Cassette) 1992 AlbinoALB008
Live In Concert (**)1993 WindsongWINCD041 
[Reissue]2007 Talking ElephantTECD 120
Acousticity1993 HTDCD 13
Captured - The Albions who Nearly Got Away 1991 - 92 (***)1994 HTDCD 19
[Reissue]1995 MagnumMACD009
[Reissue]2009 Talking ElephantTECD137
Albion Heart1995 HTDCD 30
Demi Paradise1996 HTDCD 54
[Reissue]1999 Castle MusicCMACD 541
[Reissue]1999 Castle MusicTRACD 337
The BBC Sessions (****)1998Strange Fruit SFRSCD050
Happy Accident 1998 HTDCD 82
Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival (+) 1998Strange Fruit CAFECD002
[Reissue] (cassette)? Making Waves 
Before Us Stands Yesterday1999HTDCD 90
Christmas Album2000HTDCD 105
Road Movies2001TopicTSCD 523
An Evening With2002Talking ElephantTSCD 041
Acousticity on Tour2004Talking ElephantTSCD 061
Albion Heart on Tour2004Talking ElephantTSCD 069
Winter Songs2006Talking ElephantTECD103
Vintage Albion Band on the Road. 1977 1981 1982 (++)2007Talking Elephant 
Dancing Days are Here Again (2 CDs) (+++)2008Talking ElephantTECD106
Rockin' Barn Dance (++++)2010Talking ElephantTECD154
Natural and Wild (&)2010Talking ElephantTECD155
Another Christmas Present From The Albion Band - Live in 19862010Talking Elephant 
Vintage II - On The Road 1972 - 80 (++)2010Talking Elephant 
(* 1 CD of a live concert 1976, 1 CD of "Shuffle Off").
(** tracks 1 - 6 from 1977, tracks 7 - 11 from 1987).
(*** recorded 1990/1991/1992. Includes all 8 tracks from "The Unreleased Radio Tapes").
(**** recorded 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978)
(+ 1-6 recorded 1977, 7 - 11 1987)
(++ Live)
(+++ 1st CD Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1976, 2nd CD - studio recording ("Shuffle Off") from 1983)
(++++ Live recordings from 1988. Credited to The Albion Dance Band)
(& Recordings from 1987.)

Ashley Hutchings and the Albion Band.

No Surrender2003  

Album - Albion Morris.

Still Dancing After All These Years2003  

Album - Albion Christmas Band.

An Albion Christmas2003Talking Elephant TECD060
Winter Songs2006Talking Elephant TECD103
Snow on Snow2008Talking Elephant TECD135
Traditional2009Talking Elephant TECD152

Multi-volume Albums.

The Best of 89/90 (*)1998 HTDHTD CD 87
(*)("Give Me A Saddle, I'll Trade You A Car" plus "1990")


The Acoustic Years 1993 - 971997HTDHTD CD 74
[Reissue]1999 TransatlanticTRADCD313
Along the Pilgrim's Way (*)1998Mooncrest RecordsCRESTCD 082
The HDT Years (**)2000HTDHTD CD 116
Albion Sunrise (anthology)2004  

(* Tracks taken from "Demi Paradise", "Acousticity", "Albion Heart" and "Captured")
(** Tracks taken from "Demi Paradise", "Before Us Stands Yesterday", "Christmas Album", "Wings", "Happy Accident" and "Albion Heart" and "Captured")

Best Albums(*).

Rise Up Like The Sun 1978
Battle Of The Field 1973
The Prospect Before Us 1977
Lark Rise To Candleford1980
The BBC Sessions1978

(*)Based on my opinion.

Anthology, Various artists - Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ethnic Shuffle Band, Steeleye Span, Dave Swarbrick, Albion, Shelagh McDonald, Etchingham Steam Band,  Marc Ellington et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Fairport Convention: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Convention Family Tree 2006 Castle   

Anthology, Various artists - Albion Band, Morris On, Chris Leslie, Tickled Pink, Cobbled Together.

Title. year. Label. No.
Sweeps2008 Talking ElephantTECD128 

Anthology - John MacDonald, Harry Cox, Fairport Convention, Albion Band, Ewan MacColl, Tir-Na-Nog, Straight Furrow et al.

A Celebration of Great British Folk (2 CDs) (*) 2009 TopicTSCD653 

Anthology - Fairport Convention, Albion Band, Kimbers Men, Ric Sanders et al.

Seaside Folk 2009 Talking Elephant?

Anthology - Fairport Convention, Albion Band et al.

Summer Folk 2009 Talking Elephant?

Anthology - Fairport Convention, Albion Band et al.

Winter Folk 2009 Talking Elephant?

Anthology - Albion Band et al.

Countryside Collection 2009 Talking Elephant?


Title. year. Label. No
Hopping Down in Kent/Merry Sherwood Rangers 1976 EMI Harvest 
The Postman's Knock/La Sexte Estampie Real 1977 EMI HarvestHAR 5128
Poor Old Horse/Ragged Heroes 1978 EMI HarvestHAR 5156
Pain and Paradise/Lay Me Low 1979 EMI HarvestHAR 5175
Wings/ Shine On Love/ Ken's Hornpipes1998 EMI Harvest 

Popular downloads.

Poor Old Horse
Ragged Heroes
Afro Blue/ Dance Royale
Time To Ring Some Changes
Gresford Disaster
Ampleforth/ Lay Me Low
The Primrose
Yellow Dress
The Postman's Knock
Battle of the Somme
Jacob's Well

Album Tracks.

Battle Of The Field. Recorded 1973. Released on vinyl in 1976. Released on CD in 1997
Running time 36 minutes 49 seconds. Martin Carthy (vocals, acoustic guitar), Sue Harris (vocals, oboe, hammer dulcimer), Ashley Hutchings (vocals, electric bass guitar), John Kirkpatrick (vocals, anglo-concertina, button accordion, melodeon, electric piano), Simon Nicol (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, electric dulcimer, synthesiser) Roger Swallow (drums, percussion) 

Guests: Dave Mattacks (percussion on "Reaphook and Sickle") Martin Nicholls, John Iveson, Colin Sheen and Paul Beer play sackbuts on "Gallant Poacher"

1. Albion SunriseR Thompson
2. Morris Medley (Mouresque, London Pride, So Selfish Runs The Hare, Maid Of The Mill, Sherriff's Ride)Trad
3. I Was A Young ManTrad
4. New St George/La RotaR Thompson/Anon (Mediaeval)
5. Gallant PoacherTrad
6. Cheshire Rounds/The Old Lancashire HornpipeTrad (instr)
7. Hanged I Shall BeTrad
8. Reaphook and SickleTrad
9. Battle Of The SommeUnknown (instr)

The Prospect Before Us. Recorded 1976. Released on CD in 1993
Simon Nicol (electric and acoustic guitars, piano), Ashley Hutchings (vocals, electric bass guitar), Michael Gregory (drums, nackers, percussion), Phil Pickett (curtals, shawms, recorders, crumhorns, bagpipes, rackets, chalumeaux, synthesiser), John Sothcott (vielle, citole, crumhorn), Graeme Taylor (electric guitar, piano), Shirley Collins (vocals), John Tams (vocals, melodeon)' John Rodd (concertina, tambourine, vocals), Dave Mattacks (drums, piano, electric piano)

The last 2 tracks are bonus tracks not on the original release. 

1. Uncle Bernard's/ Jenny LindTrad/ Scan Tester (instrumental)
2. The Hunt Is UpTrad
3. VarsovinnaTrad (instr)
4. MasqueJohn Adson(1621) (instr)
5. Huntsman's ChorusTrad
6. MinuetHenry Purcell (instr)
7. Wassail SongTrad
8. Picking of Sticks/ The Old MoleTrad (instr)
9. Merry Sherwood Rangers (live)Unknown (instr)
10. La Sexte Estampie RealAnon (medieval) (instr)
11. I Wish I Was Single AgainTrad
12. The WhimTrad
13. Hopping Down In KentTrad
14. Horse's BrawlAnon (medieval) (instr)
15. On Christmas Night All Christians SingTrad
16. Merry Sherwood Rangers (studio)Trad (instr)

Rise Up Like The Sun. Recorded mostly during 1978. Released on CD in 1992
Running time 52 minutes 20 seconds. John Tams (vocals, melodeon), Ashley Hutchings (electric bass), Dave Mattacks (drums and tambourine), Simon Nicol (vocals, electric guitars and acoustic guitar), Phil Pickett (shawms, bagpipes, curtals and trumpet), Pete Bullock (synthesiser, piano, clarinet, sax, organ), Michael Gregory (drums, nackers, tambourine), Ric Sanders (violin and violectra), Graeme Taylor (electric and acoustic guitars), Dave Mattacks (drums and tambourine).

Guests: Kate McGarrigle, Julie Covington, Linda Thompson, Pat Donaldson, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, Andy Fairweather-Low, Dave Bristow. 

The last 4 tracks are bonus tracks not on the original release. In 2001 several albums called 'Heritage' were released by EMI. The one by Albion makes no mention of the title 'Rise Up Like The Sun' but it is the same album.

1. Ragged HeroesJohn Tams
2. Poor Old HorseTrad (Shanty)
3. Afro Blue/Danse RoyaleSantamaria/Anon medieval (instrumental)
4. Ampleforth/Lay Me LowTrad/Trad
5. Time To Ring Some ChangesRichard Thompson
6. House In The CountryStewart
7. The PrimroseTrad (instr)
8. Gresford DisasterTrad
9. The Postman's KnockTrad
10. Pain and PleasureJohn Tams
11. Lay Me LowTrad
12. Rainbow Over The HillRichard Thompson

Lark Rise To Candleford. Recorded 1980. Released on Vinyl 1980. Released on CD in 1991
Running time 48 minutes 43 seconds. Valerie Whittington (narrator), Pete Bullock (keyboards), Bill Caddick (vocals, triangle), Martin Carthy (vocals), Shirley Collins (vocals), Howard Evans (trumpet, flugelhorn), Michael Gregory (drums), Ashley Hutchings (bass guitar vocals), John Kirkpatrick (vocals, button accordeon, concertina, melodeon), Doug Morter (electric guitar), Brian Protheroe (vocals, keyboards), Steve Saunders (trombone, euphonium, tuba), Martin Simpson (banjo), John Tams (vocals, melodeon, harmonica), Graeme Taylor (electric guitar, vocals)

The music comes from the National Theatre's production of the plays 'Lark Rise' and 'Candleford' in 1978 and 1979. This in turn was inspired by 'Lark Rise To Candleford' an autobiographical book by Flora Thompson.

1. The Girl I Left Behind MeTrad
2. Lemady/ Arise And Pick A PoseyTrad/ Trad
3. All Of A RowTrad
4. Tommy ToesJ Tams/ K Dewhurst
5. John DoreyK Dewhurst/ J Tams
6. Witch ElderK Dewhurst/S Collins
7. All Of A Row (Reprise)Trad
8. Abroad For PleasureTrad
9. The Day Thou GavestTrad
10. Battle Of The SommeUnknown
11. The Grand Circle DanceTrad
12. Speed The PloughTrad
13. Snow FallsJ Tams
14. Cart MusicJ Tams
15. The Holy And The IvyTrad
16. Postman's KnockTrad
17. Hunt MusicTrad
18. Scarlet And The BlueJ Tams
19. Dare To Be A DanielTrad
20. Jacob's WellTrad
21. Jacob's Well (Reprise)Trad


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